Author Topic: Having a lot of trouble (Again) putting images side by side. can anyone help?  (Read 577 times)

Hi folks I am so very sorry to ask this same question again.. I only asked this the other week and I also got help in PM with but I cant find the PMs, I cant reply to my origin post about because its been now locked:

I cant quote an older post because its been locked and no "quote" button options appears

I have spent time studying the page source code, asked around web site help irc chans, spent more time googling, I just give up.. I have no idea what I am doing wrong can someone please help, sorry I am not very technical when it comes to this stuff.

I put this

I just end up with this or worse.. not idea why its doing that there are meant to be 5 images side by side.

you know what folks, I have had enough of this.. cant work it out.. dosent matter I will just put them into one image.. sheesh


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You've got an extra [ in your [/img] tags on the first, third and fifth images, which is why they're not showing up. It should be fine once you've fixed those. :)

Oh gees yea..  you coders are so good at spotting the obvious, to me all the code characters may as well be ancient alien hyroglifics from the far side of the galaxy :)

Thank you raise, I will make a note of this in a text pad this time for future use.