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Silver Spook Podcast
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EDIT 1/15/2018: Audio files of the podcasts for those who requested!

Episode 15 - Nathan Hamley creator of Guard Duty]Episode 15 - Nathan Hamley creator of Guard Duty[/url]

Episode 14 - Dave Gilbert of Wadjet Eye Games

Episode 13 - Francisco Gonzalez of Grundislav Games

Episode 12 - Japes Hirons creator of Neon Sword

Episode 11 - Jonas Waever lead designer of "The Nameless Mod" for Deus Ex 1

Episode 10 - Jamie Patton creator of Spinnortality

Episode 9 - Primordia Writer Mark Yohalem

Episode 7 - Technobabylon creator James Dearden

So here's a thing!  And the first episode (and probably 3 more) are featuring the veteran AGSer Fitz, whom I'm sure you all know. :)

Here's a snippet:

Watch the entirety of Episode 1: Dystopias East to West, Past to Future

In this episode, Silver Spook and Fitz discuss what the future holds, growing up in Soviet-era Poland and Americanized Hawaii, dystopias past and present, sci-fi, cyberpunk, neo-noir and synthwave!

Check out Fitz' stuff here:

Silver Spook Games site:

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Episode 2:


Check out Fitz' stuff here:

Silver Spook Games site:

In this episode, Silver Spook and Fitz talk AI-poclypse, impossible Polish tongue-twisters, pidgins, censorship vs commodification, humans who photosynthesize, and more!

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Episode 3 - With Glenjamin, creator of AGS survival horror game, "Project Beach House"!

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Anyone else interested in being in a future Silver Spook Podcast, give me a ring! :D

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In this episode, Silver Spook and Fitz discuss the possibility that reality is a simulation run by super-intelligent AI, the bogusness of IQ tests, surviving in the concrete jungle vs literal jungle, and embodied vs discorporate consciousness.


    • I can help with play testing
    • I can help with proof reading
    • I can help with story design
    • I can help with voice acting
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I just listened to the first one and liked it a lot. I especially enjoyed it when you talked about your respective backgrounds in Hawaii and Soviet-era Poland.

I will listen to some more soon. Have you thought of putting them up on iTunes or some other downloadable format. I want to be able to listen while I'm walking about with my phone in my pocket, and the YouTube app doesn't like that.

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Thanks for checking it out, Stupot!

Sure, I will look into uploading the podcasts somewhere else like iTunes if folks might be interested in that. If anyone else has a suggestion, let me know also.  Would Soundcloud work?  I already have an account there.

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In this episode, Silver Spook and Fitz discuss Ghost In The Shell, Bladerunner 2049, How not to make sci fi and comic book movies, and the really great ones of recent memory -- Deadpool, Logan, and District 9.

EDIT: Feel free to also post here about things you'd like to hear about. If you'd like to hear more about being a one-person indie-dev trying to get a game business started in 2017, or more about the individual lives of myself and guests, or more about sci-fi topics, writing, or music, or just more banter and BSing, feel free to ask!
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Regarding 2049, seems it's going to go the same way as the Johansson GitS film, A fun Sci-Fi in it's own regard but a pretty poor homage to the original, missing the core themes that made the source material so important.

I mean, in the second trailer alone there is a huge explosion, Gosling diving across the room to save Ford, a fast paced fist fight, flying car chase, a high speed car crash and one of those notorious 'I can shoot everyone in the room' jump cuts. Blade Runner was definitely NOT about action, it was a slow film soaked in dreary atmosphere, it was about exploring what it means to be human living on a planet that most have abandoned. I know it's a trailer, but considering Blade Runner had two 'action' scenes at most (if you can call them that) I don't think what we've seen in the trailer is a very good sign for this new instalment.

Besides, at which point did they say 'Hey, let's grade the whole film amber so it looks just like Deus Ex: HR! :-D

(p.s. still gonna watch it day one!)

Too much clicking

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(p.s. still gonna watch it day one!)
And that, kids, is why they keep making them.

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I like to think of it as supporting the genre. If a film of this calibre does well in the box office, we will likely see more original work coming out of that genre, which is a good thing. I've had enough of super hero stories! ;)

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I am also going to camp out at the theater in trenchcoat and mirrorshades and my wife will be in full Raccoon-like Pris make up.

Then, shortly after seeing it, break into full nerdrage on social media about how inauthentic and Hollywoodized it was. :D

If it at least brings *the original* Blade Runner high up on kids nowadays(tm) radar and primes younger audiences for games like Neofeud, then I am not going to complain too much about gratuitous explosions reflecting off Ryan Gosling's 8-pack abs.

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In this episode, sci-fi author and Neofeud voice actor Brandon Hovey joins Silver Spook to discuss insider-tips on bringing a game to Steam, how to promote your indie game, book, or other artwork, and more!

Check out Brandon Hovey's stuff:

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This week I kinda did a livestream / podcast hybrid. The topic?  The scourge of asset flipping that harms gaming and *actual* game developers, Unity, Unreal, and various game engines, robotic mommies, and why it's not all fun and sun living in Hawaii.


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Anyone interested in being on the Silver Spook podcast let me know! :D  I will probably be doing a solo-video-essay type thing this coming week in between handling Neofeud's Steam release, but would love to chat with some indie developers.

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Episode #7 - Technobabylon Creator James Dearden!


In this episode, Silver Spook tries not to flip out talking to James Dearden, the man behind Technobabylon, an amazing cyberpunk adventure game. James gives exciting news on Technobabylon 2 and his other projects, his take on Blade Runner 2049, cyberpunk generally, a future where flying cars exist only in Dubai, the dystopian / utopian potentialities of the internet, how he handled ethnicity, gender, orientation, etc. in Technobabylon, the State of Indie Games / Adventure Games, getting Technobabylon on VHS and Panasonic microwave.  Plus, Silver Spook and James express mutual love of Deus Ex, and why a game that is on par with the original cyberpunk FPS/RPG masterpiece will at last be made -- most likely by an indie studio.

Here's an audio file of the podcast if you just want the mp3.
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is your pod casting done with twitch? I cant seem to find a link to where you are streaming from.

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The podcasts are uploaded to Youtube. Here's a link to my Youtube channel.

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In this episode, Silver Spook discusses the problem in the game industry of the norm of "crunch time" -- extreme, often unpaid overwork -- that causes physical and mental health problems, exploits workers financially, even causes divorces and children with absent parents, while executives continue to make millions or billions. What it is, why it happens, and some potential pathways to changing this damaging and exploitative practice.

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In this episode, Silver Spook speaks with Mark Yohalem, writer of Primordia, a legendary sci-fi point-and-click adventure game and a big inspiration behind Neofeud.

Mark and yours truly discuss the State of Adventure Games which somewhat resembles that of Schrodinger's Cat (never quite alive or dead!), Primordia and the making thereof, Mark's exciting new 'mythological, mid-apocalypse RPG' in development with Wormwood Studios,  some insider game-dev shop-talk, Unity vs Adventure Game Studio pros and cons, Mark's and my favorite cyberpunk, the difference between depressing and melancholy, the psychological selling-points of post-apocalypses, why appellate lawyers may be cannibal shishkebabs in said apocalypse, and much more!

Wormwood Studios (Mark's indie game company):

Follow Mark on Twitter: