Author Topic: ASK LESLIE MOONVES game: Newspaper robot hits Arnold Schwarzenegger  (Read 373 times)

Newspaper robot Pikachu hits Arnold Schwarzenegger!
Political caricature on Arnold Schwarzenegger
timestamp 5:42-6:14 in this clip 

only on new 'Ask Leslie Moonves'

( Windows / Mac game )

The new Schwarzenegger chapter password is OGRABLUSKA

This art is against Hollywood which stole my artwork through their outfit for emerging artists located at 6374 Yucca street, Hollywood CA90028.
They know what I am talking about.

Look for more in 'What is it about?'

This artwork depicts corruption, happening in Hollywood, tranquilized police officer, and selfguiding grenades, thrown by the Hollywood administration.
There is also a deadly zeppelin, launched by Leslie Moonves / CBS, which you supposed to destroy in this episode of Windows/Mac game.
Thank you for watching, I will continue as soon as possible.

Vasily Zotov
download game here

Too much clicking

  • Not a bear. Un-bear-able, if you will.
That's not made in AGS. Funky title, though.