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A Call for Question "Cameos"
« on: 18 Nov 2017, 06:01 »
Some of you may remember the thread I posted here a while ago where I put out a call for anyone who was interested in having a character from their AGS game(s) make a cameo in my upcoming game, Adventure: Welcome to the Genre. I've decided to do a similar "audience participation" type of thing that's going to be much less overt, but should still be fun to do if I get enough participants.

To sum up: If any of you have played the previous two games in the Thalia James series and have one or more questions you'd like to ask about the world in those games, any of the characters or even Thalia herself, please feel free to ask them, either in this thread or in a PM.

(I already mentioned this in the game's thread, but since barely anyone seemed to notice it, I decided to make it a post of its own.)


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Re: A Call for Question "Cameos"
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"How do you get a job with CGMS?"
"Can we visit text-based games?"
"What was the hardest puzzle you ever faced, and how did you solve it?"
"Do we ever interact with other genres?"

Those are the generic sort of questions you can throw out there. Putting those out there for now, will come up with something more inspired later.

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Re: A Call for Question "Cameos"
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Great! Thank you.


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Re: A Call for Question "Cameos"
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Just noticed this thread... Ok, then I can ask some more kooky questions ;)

1) In the second game of the series, we saw "the most offensive game ever". Does there exist "the scariest" or "the weirdest" game ever (like maybe a game composed entirely of red herrings)?
2) Is Thalia's world anyhow related to the concept of "Multiverse"? The official King's Quest lore says that Daventry is in a "pocket universe" parallel to our own world.
3) Can characters from Thalia's world somehow enter our own world, shapeshift into humans, etc.? Could our world be controlled by a "video game character conspiracy", in the style of They Live?
4) What is CGMS' policy regarding red herring locations, objects, etc.? Should they be kept intact for the players like the ordinary game items, or may the game characters borrow them or add new ones?

Re: A Call for Question "Cameos"
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Great-- thanks again!

I think I've gotten more than enough questions for what I have in mind, so thank you, everybody who's contributed! Eventually, you'll have your answers...