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A Curious Silence (and the screams it hides) - A First Person Horror Adventure

Wow, been a while since I posted here, hasn't it? Anyway, I originally intended this to be a smaller, more experimental project, but it kinda got out of control and I'm releasing it FAR later than I originally planned. Regardless, I hope you enjoy it.

An abandoned factory has been showing signs of life recently. Your team is sent in to investigate the situation, but all of you will soon discover secrets that humanity was never meant to find out…

Further details regarding story and characters can be found in the included instruction manual.

* first person viewpoint
* multiple endings
* original soundtrack

While this game is not a direct sequel to my previous project, Cauchemarionto, and a knowledge of that game’s backstory is not needed in order to fully enjoy A Curious Silence, you might want to consider both games together.


UPDATE: If the soundtrack was to your liking, now it's available on Soundclound. Also feel free to modify and use any of the tracks in any way you may like:


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Re: A Curious Silence
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This look slike the kind of game that could be interesting enough to make the player forget its simple graphucs :)


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Re: A Curious Silence
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Looks wonderful! I will try ASAP!


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Re: A Curious Silence (Update: Soundtrack available)
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How exactly do the multiple endings work? Is there only two of them, but you get multiple chances to change the path you're on, or are there minor differences between them? I don't want to spoil or anything, but after two playthroughs and a few saves and loads I'm still a bit lost on this (which comes more as a compliment than as a critique, as it makes me want to get a better grasp of the full plot).


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Re: A Curious Silence (Update: Soundtrack available)
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In regards to the multiple endings:

Spoiler: ShowHide

Yes, there are only two endings.

They depend on two parts. First, after the section with four puzzles, depending on what dialogue option you pick, it allows you talk with the main villain. After that, if you choose the right options during said conversation, it takes you to a different ending. If you fail, it takes you to the normal one.

Hopefully that made things clearer!
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