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8-bit Memoirs eBook/Discmag released!
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Hi guys

I thought this might be of interest to you since this has to do with consoles and games from the 80s and 90s.

8-bit Memoirs is an eBook/discmag containing stories (memoirs) written by my better half. These stories are about the computers and consoles he experienced back in the 8-bit era, which includes the Phillips G7000, the Amstrad CPC and the Amiga. The stories describes how he experienced (some of) the games on those systems and he also shows his own creations with BASIC coding on the Amstrad CPC as well as his musical tunes.

I have been helping him out with the illustration part, so the final product contains about 15 illustrations from situations he remembers that were never photographed. There are also videos and screenshots from the different games his stories are about.

The stories are written from a young childs perspective, sometimes followed up by a comment from the now adult author.
While reading, you listen to a nice 5-hour long playlist of handpicked music that suits the stories well.

I think the whole project turned out pretty good so it's definetely worth a peek.

Watch teaser video here

It's free for download, but you can also buy a Blu-ray disc version if you wish.


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Re: 8-bit Memoirs eBook/Discmag released!
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Looks like exactly the kind of thing I would want to watch if I ever had the time!

Maybe someday soon!