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Author Topic: Test game  (Read 41 times)

Test game
« on: Today at 16:39 »
Have there every been any test games, which just implement and test all the scripting functions? The reason I ask, I've probably spent more time in AGS writing scripts to test than in ScummVM actually testing them. I imagine test scripts could also be useful for the normal branch, the cleanup branch, and for XAGE. I'd like to suggest that the GitHub repository hold a test game along with the demo game (or potentially just make the demo game be a function showcase/tester, rather than an actual game).

Re: Test game
« Reply #1 on: Today at 22:05 »
This would be incredibly useful for XAGE, a test AGS game that used all existing engine functionality.  It wouldn't necessarily need to be split into individual tests and assertions, it could instead be long cutscenes that performs various actions and then outputs the results to file.  This could then be compared side-by-side with the equivalent XAGE port output to more easily identify missing (or broken) scripting functionality.
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