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Author Topic: Error Running Mac Version In Wineskin  (Read 149 times)

Error Running Mac Version In Wineskin
« on: 18 Jan 2018, 10:21 »
So I have someone running a version of Neofeud for Mac wrapped in Wineskin and they've been getting this error:

"I'm running on a 2011 MacBook Pro with High Sierra, with AMD 6750M graphics. The error pops up right when I attempt to start the game.

I tried changing video driver & resolution in the winsetup.exe program included. In Wineskin settings, too, tried forcing the use of XQuartz or Mac driver. Always get the same error. After the one I took a screenshot of, there's another window with more information:"

The game worked for a few other folks with Mac. Not exactly sure what is causing this error on this guy's comp. Any ideas?

Re: Error Running Mac Version In Wineskin
« Reply #1 on: 22 Jan 2018, 06:23 »
As far as I know the High Sierra update broke a lot of Wineskin wrappers. The most common fix I have seen is to:

  • Open wineskin settings
  • Choose "set screen options"
  • Uncheck "autodetect GPU"
  • Choose "Done" to close screen options
  • Under "Tools" tab, "Utilities" section, open winetricks
  • Search for "videomemorysize"
  • Select a videomemorysize option from the list that corresponds to the VRAM of your video card
  • Choose "Run"
  • Choose "Done"