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Re: Super Best Friends Played: The Cage of Sadness
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Thanks for the replies!

I love scrolling backgrounds too, they make up half the rooms in the game. None quite as long as the street though thankfully.

I don't have a misspent youth doing pixel art, just lots of cartoon drawing (it was misspent in general though). I did study 3D animation for a few years which is actually why the game exists.

After spending ages working on a really fancy rig (In an attempt to become a 3D generalist) I encountered a scripting problem I was too dumb to fix. After the third week banging my head against the wall I started making some fan art of some great letsplayers I like. It was supposed to be just an image, a what-if kinda thing.

Now it keeps getting bigger and bigger.

And I will definitely need testers when it's a bit further along if you're offering :)

(Hopefully the formatting of this post is ok, I have no Internet access right now so had to post from a phone, which is awkward) 
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