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I've looked everywhere to find if there was an answer/solution to this, but I didn't find anything. Sorry if this was already asked by someone, maybe i've worded it wrongly and didn't find it because of that.

Everytime I've started my game up to test it, I got an alert saying "Unable to initialize your audio hardware. [Problem: ]"
I ignored this at first since I didn't add any audio/music to my game yet, but since it's finished now i would have liked to add some music.
I went to Audio, and then the map "Music", right-clicked on it and pressed on add audio files. I renamed the MP3 file to Music1.Mp3 (not music01.mp3 or music1.mp3.mp3), but once i try adding it I get an error saying that i'm unauthorized to acces this audio file and that it's a serious error, so they advice to shut the program down in case my game files would be corrupted. I'd normally paste the text from the error, but since it's partly in Dutch that won't be of much help.
The solution will probably be something simple (since i'm terrible at finding solutions to things oops), but any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Unauthorized Access Exception - Adding music file
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First of all, could you tell what version of AGS are you using? You may find full 4-digit version number in the Help - About.

You've mentioned two errors, one reported by game (this means it happens in the engine) and another by Editor, and while they both relate to audio, it's not obvious if they are related.

Regarding "unable initialize audio hardware", can you run setup program and tell what is selected in the music and sound option?

Regarding the error when you are adding the audio file, could you actually post the error message? Usually it contains the universal error code and stack trace which may help to diagnose a problem. The part in Dutch is just a human translation of the error message which is always displayed according to your system localization, and may be skipped.