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If you've played Neofeud and want more of that cyberpunk dystopian world, the Neofeud short story collection is 60% off! The Six Billion Dollar Baller's jailbreak from the prison-industrial complex & more! 

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Folks who hung around the AGS Fortnightly Writing Competition may remember this story. :)

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Neofeud is now 50% on Steam! :)

Thanks everyone who has already bought and played Neofeud! If you liked the game and have a moment to leave a review, even a sentence or two, I would really appreciate it!


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I hope that you will release many more great games! (nod)
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Thanks Kyriakos! I hope you do also. :)  Neofeud 2 is in the works of course and I hope to get it out as soon as I can.

Here are some tips, especially business and promoting, for indie game devs starting a company in 2018, from my own experience. Also, some of my top picks for indie games currently on sale, including AGS ones!

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Woohoo my game Neofeud is in the top 25 cyberpunk games! When the game sites start throwing you on the listicles in the run-up to CP 2077, that's how you know you've arrived lol.

(Neofeud is right after Deus Ex!!! What an honor!)

Also, I will livestreaming tomorrow around 12-12:30 Pacific

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Neofeud has been out officially on all platforms for over 1 year this month!

Thanks everyone who has supported me in the making of this game and my other projects. I was not getting my hopes up on my one-person weird cyberpunk adventure game, expecting potentially to just have a few hundred sales, so I am blown away by how successful the game has been so far:

-Sales in the thousands
-Wishlists in the ten-thousands
-Rated "Top 25 Cyberpunk Games" by Gamers Decide
-Voted "Top 100 Indie Games of 2017" on IndieDB (point and click)
-Featured on Funhaus, a Rooster Teeth production
-Soundtrack of the Year, AGS forums.

And the sales and recognition just seem to continue to grow over time rather than peter off, so that is great!

Anyway thanks again to all my continued patrons and of course to William Gibson for coming on the podcast. Now I just need to get Keanu Reeves on there!

If you'd like to help me out with Neofeud 2, here's the patreon!

Neofeud 1 year anniversary stream!

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Latest updates on Neofeud and other projects! :)

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Silver Spook Games now has a Discord! Come by spooky and cyberpunk with us.

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Neofeud is on discount in the Steam Halloween Sale!

Two things right off the bat:

1) This is game is WEIRD AS F***!

2) I absolutely loved it!

Fun and hugely engrossing gameplay for a single developer game!

-Cool main characters! Even the background characters added alot to the atmosphere of the game.
-Well designed animation and backgrounds. The artwork has kind of a Mission Critical/Harvester/Darkseed vibe to it that I enjoyed but may not be everyones cup of tea. They really put you in a cyberpunk futuristic mindset and meshed well with the story of the game.
-Excellent writing . This game definetly satisfied my cravings as a big sci-fi/cyberpunk fan. Interesting use of cyperpunk
tropes and existential philiosopy.
-Certain scenes were really engrossing and felt like i was watching a movie. (Vistiting the Arcade and Proto-J coming to terms with his father stand out especially)
-Awesome music (2017 AGS awards winner for Best Music). I'd strongly consider buying the standalone soundtrack
-Point and click puzzles are challenging yet mostly logical

-Setting up graphics settings in adventure game studio was a pain.
-Voice acting was hit or miss for me. I enjoyed Proto-J despite what other reviewers said. Other characters came off lacking emotion in certain cases. Some recordings of voices didnt sound like they were done in a professional setting (Goetzel at times sounded like he was being recorded in an office or something)
-Minor glitching and bugs (overall pretty stable though) that required a restart or two
-Certain in game interfaces have a clunky appearance (OK and EXIT buttons that don't fit the overall game aesthetic)
-Action/stealth sequences rough around the edges
-Animations can be a little "stiff" at times. Character movements can be awkward.
-Walking routine can be slow for larger scenes.

The cons overall I would say are just roughness around the edges and I attribute to the clunkyness that can come with a game designed on Adventure Game Studio. And I can hardly place blame for these minor issues considering the overall work that went into this game by a SINGLE developer.

You can tell that this game was a labor of love and it really shows in all the pros it has going for it. Again, it's very impressive AGS game from a single developer! Overall length came in about 10 hours which for someone that picked it up half off was a good value. This game is frequently on sale and I'd say you'd have no regrets picking it up if your a fan of sci-fi point and clicks! I am definetly looking forward to the sequel. If Neofeud 2 is every bit as ambitious as this one it will be a must purchase for me!!

And like the game says:
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Who are you quoting there?

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The only cyberpunk game where a social worker for homeless robots takes on a cabal of billionaire CEO-Kings :)

Neofeud is 50% off in the Autumn Sale!

You can also get it DRM free on!

Here's another review that I thought was quite hilarious:

"This is one hundred percent, without question, no lie, the wokest possible game ever made. Now that I have played this, I am qualified to be Martin Luther King, Jr. (pbuh). It is better than Escape From Monkey Island, just for example."

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60% off on now!


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Why is the price getting lower???