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I Give Up

By Jim Spanos at Sat, 20 Sep 2014 12:29:00 +0000 on The AGS blog

This is the best and most repeated word/phrase/sound/thing you'll encounter in this MAGS September entry by Emont. I caught myself grinning whenever it played or appeared in my screen, or both. The entry is a very simple game, called Man Giving Up. And it's all about that. Perhaps a philosophical approach to our everyday's loserism, or just a funny game. Your call. I do have to say there's not much to it, apparently, but the music and sound effects are a high point. The game is quite polished itself, but the sound effects and the music composed for this game are 100% spot on.So without further ado I present: MAN GIVING UP How many times can YOU give up?Choose from a variety of colourful settings and see how far you can go. You might just surprise yourself. You might find the power was inside yourself all along. Welcome to the world of MAN GIVING UP.FEATURES:* Multiple locations* Complete music soundtrack* Sounds* Colours* Pointing* ClickingDownload here

It's always for shameless promotion and not for AGS news.

By Jim Spanos at Tue, 16 Sep 2014 18:00:00 +0000 on The AGS blog

You should have realized this by now. Well, occasionally there are some news here and there. Look at the last three posts, that's prolly a first around here. So, this happened yesterday.The smart! It hurts!I've also come to realize that this blog has little presence down in Twitterland.Should we change things? Should we keep the crazy from the hip? I don't know. But if you guys want, I'd like to lurk the living heck out of some of you. I already have for a while now, but it was getting impossible to do so without an account, so I went in there. I saw some familiar faces in there, I don't know, it felt as if I've been missing a part of the scene, AGS and generally.Have I truly gone fishing?

A Golden Wake Is Awake

By Jim Spanos at Sun, 14 Sep 2014 17:54:00 +0000 on The AGS blog

Francisco Gonzalez's (try saying that three times in a row) latest project, "A Golden Wake" being published by Wadjet Eye Games, is available for pre-order. Dave said so!Twitter link.

Where is Primordia 2?!

By Jim Spanos at Sat, 13 Sep 2014 21:29:00 +0000 on The AGS blog

You know, I could write my personal reasons and explain them, and bore the living heck out of you, or the writer could do it for me. And he has. Everything is explained by Mark Yohalem, on why the world never got to see a sequel to Primordia, even a spiritual one.So clickity here, I promise, amazing screenshots will make you want this even more.

This will be your downfall, friend!

By Jim Spanos at Fri, 12 Sep 2014 14:53:00 +0000 on The AGS blog

So, Downfall, a commercial game created by Remigiusz Michalski released back in 2009, also rated with the five cups of AGS glory, is now free. I also did something with it, but I forget. It's a lovely game regardless so you should get it. Plus I believe Grim is remaking it, so it's a bold move to set the non-upgraded version up for grabs. Have I reviewed this in the past also? God, I don't remember much.FOR PLAYERS 18+ ONLY. CONTAINS DISTURBING SCENES, BAD LANGUAGE, VIOLENCE & SEXUAL REFERENCES. GET DOWNFALL FOR FREE

Game Devs Get Game Devs To Dev Games

By Ghost at Sat, 30 Aug 2014 17:35:00 +0000 on The AGS blog

The typical AGS "game developer" is not a professional, but rather someone who makes games as a hobby. That's actually quite a neat thing- no pressure, no deadlines, no worries about a hostile takeover or whatever troubles the big players. But even the most carefree dabbler in the art of point and click sometimes has to throw up their hands, shout Arrgh in a most frustrated manner and drop a project for whatever reason.How could your average AGS game dev help out? Our very own Baron (already famed in song and story as the mastermind behind SWARMAGS) came up with an interesting idea and the result is Devs-Anon (formerly "Group"). The idea is simple. Sometimes all you need to maintain steam during the development of your game is someone who supports, fortifies, questions you. Or gives you a well-meant flick with a rolled paper. If there was a small group of people all working on projects, each one taking some extra time to check on someone elses project (and act as a mix between Gemini Cricket and Robocop), the result could very well be more completed games.I've registered into the Dev-Anon mostly because the concept sounds awesome, and I have a game I am a bit struggling with and I'm really just curious how the group support will play out. If you like the idea even half as much as yours truly, go check out the linked page and get a closer look.

Our work takes long, and time is fleeting.

By Jim Spanos at Sun, 10 Aug 2014 04:30:00 +0000 on The AGS blog

I've come to understand something that is profound for everyone around the AGS community and generally the developing community, whether you're a coder, or a writer, or an artist, or a voice actor, or an animator, or any other job that is deemed useful in the game/product making process, that no matter how good or great you do that job, there's always space for improvement.Same goes for games.Something you could do differently, something you could improve upon, I don't know anything. At that moment, when you've delivered your quest, you are usually stricken with confidence that you did a good enough job, and that it's final, then after you revisit it, you know, stand behind and observer your labor with a more objective point of view, it is then that you realize you were completely wrong. The best way to prove myself is to find a project you've kept the first version of, and compare it with the one you released for the public. You'll probably catch yourself remembering you were quite satisfied with it back then, perhaps at that, or a later time, you thought "this is it". I mean, look at it.But the more light you shed in your project with feedback either by testers or team members, or anyone practically bothering with it, and sending you his opinion about it (If I recall correctly Vince Twelve had his mom play the game (Resonance) to see if she would be having troubles with the interface), the better your game gets. Provided you're willing to go through feedback and process it accordingly. I mean look at any AGS game out there, take for example Technobabylon, I'm sure Technocrat thought when he first released it, "this is the most I can do with this game" and now he's turned it into a bombastic super-pretty indie game, that I would be willing to pre-order so hard.I've been working on Primordia with Wormwood Studios these past few days (we're going to patch it everywhere (Steam, GOG, wherever it is available) as soon as we're done), and I've personally come across several things that bugged me now, but at the time I was okay with them. You tend to overlook faults over the rush of completing the core parts of a project. But when you look at the details, see deeper, that's what we call polish. And it needs to be done. The more time you devote applying small partially insignificant fixes and improvements to your work, the better.

We can dance, if we want to

By Jim Spanos at Sat, 02 Aug 2014 15:39:00 +0000 on The AGS blog

You know in these days seem to be full of financial difficulties for a large percentage of the people we've surrounded ourselves with. Our family, our friends, our co-workers, our relatives, you know. People. And lately, I've come across this weird thing, something I would personally never do. Something that really saddens me. I know it's not the best topic to bother you guys with, but I really can't get it out of my head.When one lends money to another, of course he wants to see the other person bloom financially with that income boost. But what if the person uses the money to buy things he doesn't exactly need? What happens when the money you lend under terms of survival transform into luxuries? How does that make us feel? Are we not perceiving the motives, perhaps reaching wrong assumptions, or have we misjudged our friendships to begin with? Is life itself slowly getting more "real", if you will? We begin to make decisions and behave in the same way a machine would.We slowly turn our friendships into mathematical algorithms. But the step seems to be necessary. Inevitable no matter the prism of perspective under which we choose to view the core of the problem. Do we change the parameters of the friendship or do we stick to it, no matter what. Do we sacrifice more of our lives for the sake of our friends, or do we egoistically start to look for ourselves and those who benefit us?Sigh. Sometimes I feel like the robots in Primordia. Applying mathematics in logical solutions, rarely does work.

Elitism or just poor taste?

By Jim Spanos at Wed, 23 Jul 2014 04:37:00 +0000 on The AGS blog

I've started watching a movie suggested to me, and then I caught myself thinking, do we develop that smug arrogant look over other people, because we've genuinely have acquired a better understanding of our tastes and thus evolved ourselves through them or are we just faking it? I mean, hating blockbuster movies is okay in my book, they all seem to be the same to me, and practically they are, but certain friends of mine fail to see that. So does my taste and cinephile phase made me a better person or did it destroy a part of my everyday life and constructed my character as that of a to put it.. artistic douche? That one guy that prefers movies with a meaning or that are very artsy fartsy instead of watching Transformers 8.Okay.'I've come to notice the same behavior with several of my habits that involve art. Like music. Even though I feel like I've come to the point where I've embraced more of what was hidden to me, enjoying stuff I wouldn't have otherwise. Getting to experience more of a scene and space I thought never existed in the first place, and yet feeling dumb for missing it all this other time. But has that made me a better or a worse person? Or have my tastes narrowed when it comes to accessibility and popularity? Perhaps I'm hard to please now?Are we being elitists or are is almost everyone with inferior tastes worth smiting?

Canada, or why do I love you so much

By Jim Spanos at Wed, 16 Jul 2014 09:23:00 +0000 on The AGS blog

You know, I've always liked stuff and people based on an irrelevant attribute. I could like you just because we like the same movie, or because you make movie references, or because you get mine. Silly things, that's what gets me. It's the small things that form a personality that make me want to invest to that person. This is where I find myself looking back at me, saying "go for it". The weird thing is that people I like for their general behavior and personality traits, have flaws I am willing to ignore just because they like Velvet Underground for example.Now, let's talk cities. I'd like to go to Montreal some day. And this is because so many of my favorite artists and bands come from it. Arcade Fire, Of Montreal, Purity Ring, Leonard Cohen. And it's not just Montreal. I've come to embrace all the electronic music coming from french duos, cause none of them has disappointed me yet. I don't like all french duos or duos, no. French duos that make electronic music. Those are pretty dangerous assumptions when it comes to making choices. And it's in every aspect of my life. I've always clinged on to the weird and unique in my observations and reached to a conclusion. You could call all those fetishes, but I think of them as small contracts. Invisible to the eye, bound to get my heart and attention.I like the small useless things. There I admit it.

Dreams get shattered (sometimes)

By Jim Spanos at Wed, 09 Jul 2014 16:28:00 +0000 on The AGS blog

It's always nice to have a dream to the impossible. To protect it without telling everyone, to approach it with all your means and the power of your heart. To keep it as it was, non-realistic. To occasionally watch it draw itself away from you, slowly and abruptly getting shattered in front of you, unable to react. And then, you are at a crossroad. You either go against even worse odds than before, or you slowly - gradually realize the aching truth. Perhaps, you wonder, it wasn't meant to be. Perhaps you were wrong about it from the beginning, but you somehow let the excitement get the best of you.Perhaps perhaps perhaps.Where were you when we were getting high?But what if you're wrong. What if this is hardenship you're forced to overcome, and you're only being disheartened by a simple obstacle? Don't we all sometimes focus on the problem itself and not on its solution? Isn't the possibility that this could be the last obstacle to ever come between your goal, alluring to say the least? Thrilling? Doesn't it make you wonder how many times you've given up right at the end, never knowing how close you actually were? Why let your dreams be fictions of your imagination when you can give them physical presence and existence?It's always a hard place to be, right in the middle. Especially when hope is gone.

Sometimes you know

By Jim Spanos at Wed, 02 Jul 2014 13:37:00 +0000 on The AGS blog

Summer. Eventually, we've come to behave in certain moods and patterns throughout our lives during those three months. Whether it's super hot, sweaty or just a bit sunnier than winter, summer affects our personalities. Usually for the better, cheering us up just by helping us reach the realization that it has come to pass. Exceptionally, it makes us gloomy, annoyed, cursing at the sun for being so bright.Nena, why are you so pretty.There are certain things that hit the spot for me, mostly everpresent during ze estate.Most prominently, asides the temperature heavily rising to unbearable levels (I do live in Greece), it's the music. Especially the presence of ukelele in songs. And what makes the "summer" feeling is ukelele covers of sweet songs.

Them great mornings

By Jim Spanos at Tue, 24 Jun 2014 09:18:00 +0000 on The AGS blog

I woke up at 7 today. I think it was 7, I didn't check thoroughly, after lots of image browsing and news reading -  and admittedly some facebook lurking, I paid attention to the clock. Not sure if it's relevant to the laptop screen, but somehow I keep ignoring stuff on the corners. It's either the screen, or the operating system, or me. Before I get myself tested I will throw accussations elsewhere and find great comfort in doing so.Where am I going with this? Oh, yes, great mornings. So, at some point, I'm reading about this wonderful agser moving to New York, so I think of a feel-good song related to the city, and suddenly, after three hours, I'm a bit lost in the 80s.The cult hype behind Akira, made sure I loved it before I even saw the movie.However the feeling remains. The lingering sensation that during those mornings, nothing can bring you down - practically everything feels lovable as if it was brand new. Like being introduced to your favorite things/people all over again. And that's an experience like no other. Perhaps the best description would be that it feels like you are reading a guide to your interests written by you. Yeah, that's it.So have a wonderful morning.

Adventure Game Museum: Exhibit #7 & 8

By Jim Spanos at Mon, 16 Jun 2014 10:25:00 +0000 on The AGS blog

EXHIBIT #7: Official Sierra & Lucas Arts Magazines (1990~1992)~ Sierra News Magazine Volume 3 Nr. 1 Spring 1990 ~~ LucasArts' The Adventurer Nr.2 Spring 1991 ~~ LucasArts' The Adventurer Nr.2 Spring 1991 ~Collage of the 3 magsI made a pdf of the Sierra News Magazine, which can be downloaded in 3 flavors:LQ10MbMQ39MbHQ132Mbby Arj0nEXHIBIT #8: LOOM (1990)Front and back cover: What's inside the box: three 3.5" floppy disks, manual, Book of Patterns with glasses, LucasFilm catalog, a cassette and a bunch of leaflets.Beautiful booklet where you could write the notes for the spells you discovered along the way. Many spells do not appear in the game though.Red glasses again serve as a copy protection.And the best thing of all. This, my friends, is the most original intro ever: a 30-minutes long audio drama! Talking about immersion, eh?You can listen to it here: Gribbler

Adventure Games Museum: Exhibit #6

By Jim Spanos at Mon, 09 Jun 2014 10:21:00 +0000 on The AGS blog

EXHIBIT #6: Beneath a Steel Sky (1994)Funny story behind this one, the box was in much nicer condition but I decided it would be a grand idea to take it with me to London Super Comic Con (where Dave Gibbons was doing signings). With a copy of BASS and a nice silver sharpie in my inventory I waited in line to meet Dave, unfortunately it was only a 1 hour slot and signings closed before I could get to the front. I returned with a somewhat beaten up box and a side-quest never to be completed D:The box includes a technical manual, security manual and two copies of the intro cutscene in comic form, not sure why there's two (can anyone add some insight?) one of the comics is smaller and on rough paper whilst the other bigger and on gloss full colour.The security manual has some nice details. By Chicky

Adventure Game Museum: Exhibit #5

By Jim Spanos at Mon, 02 Jun 2014 10:19:00 +0000 on The AGS blog

EXHIBIT #5: MONKEY ISLAND 2: LeCHUCK'S REVENGE (1991)Front and back cover: What's inside the box: five 3.5" floppy disksmanualMix 'n' Mojo Voodoo Ingredient Proportion Dial wheelLeafletScreenshot descriptions are just priceless!Just like SoMI, Monkey 2 also has a code-wheel as copy protection - this time you have to set correct proportions of voodoo ingredients.Did you know?- Guybrush can die! Just wait a few minutes and do nothing when you're suspended above the pool of acid. You'll be lowered into it.- The Amiga version of the game was nicknamed Disk Juggling Simulator because of constant disk swapping.- One of the books in the library on Phatt Island is called "The Majesty of the Sierras". You can get it from the librarian.  When you look at the book Guybrush says: "Sierras? Majestic? I think not."By Gribbler

I am an adult, bicilotti

By Jim Spanos at Fri, 30 May 2014 03:48:00 +0000 on The AGS blog

At some point, Carina, a fellow agser started a wonderful and pretty interesting discussion in the IRC channel concerning  the evolution of anonymosity on the world wide web, and how it has changed things, perhaps for the worst or for the better.It's all right we told you what to dream...I found myself agreeing with her almost entirely, nodding my head, falling into deeper thoughts. Practically come to think of it, we've kind of being restricted due to the lift of anonymous usage of the various internet-related services and protocols. Restricted to behave the same way in all of them as they all connect to our real life persona one way or another, whereas we could be whatever we wanted, behave freely, and nobody would mind.I found myself surprised to see everyone mindlessly getting addicted to Facebook, posting as much of their lives as they could, for the whole world to see, when up until then, it felt silly to even give out your first name. Isn't it odd to realize we've welcomed the invasion of our privacy, confining ourselves within the walls of our real life and its limitations. And now, being anonymous is treated differently, but the need to realize what the element (of anonymosity) brought to the table is growing more and more by the day.Is internet being slowly controlled to the wishes and desires of certain people? Is it gradually being manipulated to be TV 2.0? Tacky ads, profits expands, brands everywhere, monetization values and huge growth potential, this is it.

Adventure Games Museum: Exhibit #4

By Jim Spanos at Mon, 26 May 2014 09:58:00 +0000 on The AGS blog

From Arj0n's game vault comes......another museum piece did catch my eyes:EXHIBIT #4: THE BLACK CAULDRON [(1986]Front and back of the box: Information & Hits SheetsDiscs & Warranty CardThe bookAgain the bookCloseupNice mapBy Arj0n

They shoot horses,don't they?

By Jim Spanos at Thu, 22 May 2014 09:00:00 +0000 on The AGS blog

To get things running, I've always found the title so interesting, besides the wonderful acting by Jane Fonda, I've surrounded the movie in my head with a veil of mystery and intrigue. The hindering whispers of dead-end and inevitability throughout the simple yet catching story arcs, are totally the highlight. Life is a bit crazy after all, and sometimes it does get too real.Going a bit off-track, my mind is a bit traveling to my mom, who kind of escaped death, according to my father, this past Saturday. But she's doing well now, can't wait for her to return home.A valuable lesson to be found in realizing what's worth pursuing.Anyhow, sometimes, we have to learn to let go.Not just people, but also creative projects, as they sometimes go ashtray and it's hard to pursue the goals we set out to achieve through them. It saddens me to see a project I really want to see, get shut. But those behind it, have their reasons. They've matured and gained experience from them.Vital elements to be used in the future ones. And that's how game designers evolve, by throwing down what they consider as dead-weight, whether it's easy to do so, or super-hard. No matter how much you've clung to something, it won't fix the issues that revolve around it.Personally I've abandoned a good dozen of half-started games. We all have, whether we put work or we just thought about them for a day or two - or an hour. In the spirit of the old Sierra adventure games, we learn through countless hours of trial and error, till we see the much desired exit.Apologies for the inconsistent rambling.

Adventure Games Museum: Exhibit #3

By Jim Spanos at Mon, 19 May 2014 09:32:00 +0000 on The AGS blog

EXHIBIT #3: THE COLONEL'S BEQUESTFront and back of the box: What's inside - lots of goodies! Four 3,5" disks, manual, Misty Acres Plantation map, magnifying glass, Laura Bow's notebook & pencil, Sierra catalogs and a registration cardBeautiful little notebook where you can write down your cluesAttention to details is staggering!Big folded plantation map so you don't get lost.Manual is not just a dull piece of how-to-play document. It contains many interesting informations, like a short biography of each of plantation guests. There's also ACT 1 in the form of a play.Back of the map is covered with the red pattern hiding a set of fingerprints. Each time you start your game you have to take Laura's magnifying glass and identify a fingerprint shown on the screen.Sierra catalogs are really fun to read all those years later. You can learn that a new Sierra blockbuster game King's Quest 5 is in the production (coming Fall 1990!), or you check out wide rooster of their games. By Gribbler


By Jim Spanos at Thu, 15 May 2014 00:36:00 +0000 on The AGS blog

I've always loved and hated the exact same thing about the Resident Evil franchise (moreso focusing on the earlier parts of the saga). The clunky controls. Admit it, they are at best barely working to facilitate the player in his quest. I can imagine a video compilation in my head of people raging over dying from a zombie, because they panicked and the controls slow reaction mechanics did the trick.. Perhaps that thing even exists.Moving on.Jill Valentine: Resident Evil III and some other spin-offsThroughout the years and with lots of practice, I've grown accustomed and come to like that "issue". Adding to the claustrophobic, eerie atmosphere of each game with jump scares, hand-to-hand combat (mostly forced by the scarse ammo) and chasing to construct a handicap, capcom's developers shine, by creating difficulty out of thin air. But, still after all these years, it kinda makes me wonder. Has this been intentional? Or is it a flaw carefully camouflaged as a feature to trick us all?Regardless, this comes to be a settling argument, when I compare survival horror games. Even if it takes a long while to maneuver throughout the actions, I grew to be terribly fond of Resident Evil, especially Nemesis. With a fragile yet brave protagonist, Jill Valentine, against all odds, I was disappointed to see them fail to add the storyline to the countless irrelevant movies to be. I strongly believe it would be interesting to explore the character depth of Jill, perhaps with an anime series, instead of showing Jovovich's wonderful body over and over again in an action-filled cliched zombie flick sharing no similarities to the franchise.Besides the name. #Jill

Adventure Games Museum: Exhibit #2

By Jim Spanos at Mon, 12 May 2014 09:30:00 +0000 on The AGS blog

Next game is a game that started it all for me. My first adventure game. My dear dear SoMI. I didn't speak English at the time so I had to finish it with a solution. Regardless, I fell in love with the game and the genre. Right after finishing the game I restarted it to live through the experience once again. True story!EXHIBIT #3: THE SECRET OF MONKEY ISLANDFront and back cover: Excerpts from back cover: "Eye-gouging 3D graphics", (I love this one!)"Ear-pearcing reggae music""No typing - point & click interface". (haha in your face Sierra!  )"Average playing time: 30 hours. (No way!)What's inside the box: eight 5.25" floppy disks, manual, Dial-A-Pirate wheel and a bunch of leaflets.Code-wheel copy protection, in which you had to mix and match several pirate's faces and assemble their names. Almost 25 later - it still works!By Gribbler

Japan or why I want to be there at least once.

By Jim Spanos at Thu, 08 May 2014 10:42:00 +0000 on The AGS blog

This article is probably irrelevant to gaming overall, so you may want to skip this. This is a rant article, about what Japan is to me, and how it affects my life and artistic output. Empire of the Sun (1987)Somewhat, perhaps due to the fact that we got to see 80s shows where I live (Greece) when I was growing up (early 90s), I have a feeling I've conflicted and connected the whole era of synths and neon-lights and leather jackets to a nostalgic veil. The music I hear, the clothes I love to wear, the small things and yet the bigger things, feed from those emotions. Endlessly pointing towards eastern culture as they seem to get a commendable impression of that era, I've been starstruck with visiting the Empire of the Sun, perhaps being  a bit nudged by the movie as well. Though the movie itself doesn't sport anything in particular to make you feel the lust, perhaps I felt related to the main character in different ways, inexplicable ones. I used to love airplanes a whole lot back then. It was nice to feel that simple and be so sure of it. Arguably, I'm a bit confused trying to pick my own brain. This probably makes a little to no sense by now. Trying to grasp control, Japan is the 80s for me. The majestic buildings, the rotten atmosphere of decay and smug, the neon signs, the technological obsession, the late wee hours. Hard to understand, hard to explain. It's like constantly being in the edge of your youth, closer to a new fresh start, yet having lived a whole lot needing to settle down. It could be like viewing a great movie for the first time, feeling the fuzz, or listening to a miraculous song under a new spectrum of perspective. Neo-tokyo, umbrellas, simply can't go wrong. Recognizing the song in the air, when nobody does, wondering who else knows it and embraces it as much as you, yeah, that's Japan for me, perhaps the same for Stu. This was not a Haiku.P.S: Stuart, them photos you promised!

AGS Bake Sale: Return of the Jedi

By Jim Spanos at Tue, 06 May 2014 10:09:00 +0000 on The AGS blog

May the fifth be with you?, not a good one. But the new AGS bakesale seems yummy, and that's a pun intended. With creators Ponch, Radiant, Tzachs and Baron. So, who gets the money? The AGS Server does. So it's money for the community and you get to play games. I'm not very good when it comes to promoting things I like, so I will just copy Ghost's beautiful handwriting from his web, and pretend I wrote it.I do have to say that I love finding excuses to use the downtime label on this very blog, so, without further irrelevant stuff, Ghost's writeup on the AGS BakeSale II2034 AC 2 by PonchSome time ago Ponch made a fun little "Canada after the Apocalypse" game starring brave, cute and dangerously media-aware Mountaineer Paige. AC 2 seems to be a follow-up and once more features Paige, Canada and a load of fourth-wall shattering lines.BEER! by Radiant (of Crystal Shard)A mixture of minigames and that bubbly stuff called "liquid bread" here in Germany. From the description it sounds like a tongue-in-cheek WarioWare "microgames" affair. We all know Radiant for coming up with highly creative coding and this title may have quite a few surprises in store.Blue Lobe Inc by BaronDescribed as "game, visual novel, and interactive comic" BlueLobe is a fundraiser indy game about... some guys launching an indie game company. If the concept doesn't hook you, it's also fully voiced and it has trendy cartoon speech bubbles.That Damn Dog by tzachs (of Parking Goat)In a "playable sitcom", one frustrated man faces one annoying dog. May or may not have a laugh track!So there they are, four games ready to be yours. The minimum amount you have to pay is 1 dollar, which covers the transaction costs. But the sky is the limit- if you're feeling generous or just think the forum bill could use some of your money, just give what you like.A little extra is the "bonus content"- if you pay over the (regularly calculated) average you'll get some goodies from the authors, mostly art, wallpapers, soundtracks and whatever they saw fit to put into the mystery bonus bundle.So check out the site:

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