Problems with AGS and PC sound

Started by kursh, Sat 17/02/2024 14:06:50

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im using AGS since july 2023 and with the past of the time i could fix all my problems with tutorials, this forums, reading manual or thinking.

The thing is that since the beginning of the game a friend of mine and me are making, a lot of times (about 30% the times) i execute the game in ags, the sound of the computer is broken. then all my variables Audiochannel throw an error because they are null (is like they cant assign a channel because sound card (my sound card is in the motherboard) is caput.

I need to restart my sound system in CMD (adminstrator mode) with "net stop audiosrv" and then "net start audiosrv", then the sound turns and all is ok...

Every test i send compiled to my friend, he has no problem with sound (every sound plays ok).

Yesterday for the first time i saw an error in debugger (im stupid and i didnt make a screenshot) and it was something like "audio not compatible with pulse PCM" or something about pcm pulse.. i've just installed AGS patch from august 2023 (i was using In the sais this "24-bit wav PCM support, comes with the new sound library."

Someone has the same problems with AGS sound that stops soundcard in the computer??

edit: Another tip... i use my monitor with pc and sometimes i change to my PS4 that i connect through hdmi (all the sounds from pc and ps4 go to speakers through hdmi).. maybe changing the hdmi line In from my tft could be the problem?

thanks from hot Spain


I have no idea about what the problem might be. I'm more wondering how nobody has given you an answer on this issue for such a long time.

Hopefully someone with knowledge of how to sound works/should work, will see this post and give you an answer.
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I had a similar but less game-breaking issue recently. Sometimes a game would start and sound would all play normally and sometimes nothing would play at all.

It would do this on and off without any changes to code, and it never gave any errors or null pointers, so I assume it's a problem with my system and not with AGS. No way to know really since I never got any error message from either AGS or Windows.
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