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Started by heltenjon, Wed 25/08/2021 09:43:12

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Oh, there are games in this archival itch account that are recent. :0


Helm's "Untitled Demo Game" can be found here. It's one room and ends with an error message when you exit, and it probably won't work on a newer computer. Looks good, though.

An ancient joke game called Dan finds his beard can be found here.

A kind of joke game of a different nature  :-[ can be found here:
It's very short and not the same as the real Quest for Orgy, which can be found here.

A couple of older games not in the database, but on the archive: Trapped with Hell: Cruisin' and Trapped with Hell.
Edit: I tried the two Trapped games only after posting the links, hence no comment then. These are made by a kid years back. There are threads ridiculing them about how bad they were, and indeed, they're not any good, and rely a bit on offensive language. But they're not difficult either, despite what's said in the old threads where people gang up to ridicule a kid's game (not one of the forum's finest hours), so for someone who wants to play through all the available AGS games, they are a five minute distraction each.  Not worth the time of others than completionists and people who find bad games amusing.


Another demo from the archive is Ed's Gravedigger Demo. Short and unfinished, but cool integration of 3d through avi and even a rough combat prototype in the final scene.

Some may remember the sadly unfinished Longevity Gene. The Demo is here.

And a third classy demo is The Day of the Testicle.

A MAGS entry by Fsi with the theme Steampunk from 2009 is at
And another from the same author for the theme Prologue from 2008:

Ponch has some stuff not in the database. Barn Runner 0: The Case of the Runaway Robot is a short game/demo, and it can be found at

A MAGS entry by Mikko with the theme Haunted House from 2006 is at


Awesome Quest is a nice little two-roomer. It can be found here.

And Scavenger rescued his sister's (Gemmalah) game The Dragon Slayers from being lost, currently hosting it here. This is a cute game where you play a kid who has to find weapons before going on a quest to slay a dragon with his friends. Fully voiced!


Ben 304's first game, Hungry, is not in the database, but on the archive:
Kind of unsurprisingly, this is a tad better than most people's first games. Some people just got it.

Relight's first game, Abstract, is here. It's a demo where I don't think the player can do very much.

Icey made a game called Project 304 Style - Wandering Spirits. It is now available here.

The short movie intro demo of D.Jones: Deceased is here.

Remember hourgames? Games made in small contests in an hour or so? Here's a collection of 29(?) of them:

Edit: List of Hourgames in the collection (will update until complete):
Theme: Downfallen Superhero:
IB SHAG Entry 12.July (Indie Boy seems to not have given his hourgames proper titles)
Flash Down

Theme: Absurd Character Deaths:
2000 Ways to Play Badminton Without (...) and the title fills the entire screen.
Terlethour or possibly it's called Deadman Toilet

Theme: Time Paradox
666 Days a Sotona - This one is a RON game, sort of. Outside of continuity, of course.
Enkerro's Time Paradox
Time Paradox
Time Out of Joint

Theme: Magic
Wizard Hangover ExtreamZz!! - This one is actually in the main database.
Majixsis - I'm not really sure of the title of this one or who the author is. It features a creature locked in a Wizard's bathroom who has to make a voodoo doll to defeat the Wizard.

Theme: Worship Boxes or Breasts:
Box This one is actually in the database, too.
Preeee or possibly it's called Hurray

Theme: Buddy Brick
Buddy Brick

Theme: Gold
6 Day blah blah Vampire Gold
Uhhr or more likely the title is Annoying Quest

Theme: The Internet
Depressomatic (Title Screen says "Crap Game".) This is a cartoon made in AGS by FSi with no interaction.
Simppmdee This is a joke "game" about meeting pmd in a chat room.

Roald Dahl story:

Random Wikipedia:
FSi's Neighbor Mountain

FSi's Unbearable: Nickie the Bear and the Burden of Sanity short movie/non-game

Theme: Pirates
Bach's Dead This one looks like it's unfinished.
IB's SHAG entry 13.07.08

Theme: Story Machine

Theme: Really Bad Horror Movies
Ghost Stories
Attack Game

Theme: The Gods
Deus Ex Machina

Theme: Dark Room
Dark Room


An absolutely awful little thing called The Virus is at . It absolutely looks like the author tries to give seizures by flashing lights. But okay, it's made for the fun of it.

Another terrible game is "The Dark Cults", which is at This one is made by the guy who made "Not the explainable", and gameplay is mostly trying to find the hotspot that is an exit. You may cheat by ctrl-x and ctrl-c, though, if you want to see the ending. For completeionists only.

The long lost game Zemp's Birthday Kwest is now available at This is a tiny game with in-jokes that most of us are not in on. Still, it's a cool gift.


A collection of four Hourgames with the theme Graveyard is here. They are called:
Roger Finds Treasure
Treasure of Obese Bob
Fuck You, I'm a Corpse
Leo the Gravedigger's Adventure

Tino's Wake Up is here.

The Adventure Think Tank (also known as Troels Pleimert/The Space Quest Historian with friends) has released some pretty entertaining games that are not in the database. On the Gamejolt page we can find a few:
Were We Ever.
All Demons Must Go to Hell.
Long Distance Coughing.
Brexit-Man in Airportland: The Rebrexiting.
Ramp It Up.
Danny Sexbang in Celestial Catastrophe.
Kitty Quest.
A Life Worth Losing.
What's in the Safe..
What Spunky Found.



Quote from: heltenjon on Thu 12/01/2023 18:51:23A collection of four Hourgames with the theme Graveyard is here. They are called:
Roger Finds Treasure
Treasure of Obese Bob
Fuck You, I'm a Corpse
Leo the Gravedigger's Adventure
Nooooo! You dug up the Treasure of Obese Bob! WHYYYYYYY  :=
The ultimate Professional Amateur

Now, with his very own game: Alien Time Zone


Quote from: Babar on Fri 13/01/2023 13:41:04Nooooo! You dug up the Treasure of Obese Bob! WHYYYYYYY  :=
Because it has the nice Moon poem, of course. And a cool title. And the treasure is made for digging up.  :-D


Back in the MAGS April 2007 the theme was Unexpected, and there were 8 entries, including the famous Me Go Store. But four of the games were not added to the database. They can be found at the archive here:
Day of the Fish This one is short, but funny and well worth a try.
Cabbage Quest I instantly recognized the main theme song as an instrumental version of Frank Zappa's Zomby Woof. The rest of the game is delightfully and frustratingly weird. Thankfully, there are hints in the Mags thread.
Unexpected Quest seems to be a short game of juvenile humour.
West of the Root Wonder of wonders! This one also has a Zappa song as instrumental soundtrack: The Idiot Bastard Son. Aside from that, it's a straightforward short game with an exit almost impossible to find in one room. (Thankfully, you can CTRL-X out if you can't find the hotspot.)

Edit: It seems like the two Zappa soundtracks were no accident, as the two games were made by brothers, at first mistaken for the same person.


A probably unfinishable short training game is here: Gravity's Test Game

What is described as an interactive music video from another one of the Space Quest Historian's alter Egos, Error 47, is here: Zak the Maniac - an interactive music video It's a fun mix of Zak McKracken in the Maniac Mansion 35 years later, in an alternate dimension  where things didn't go well in the first place.


I don't remember seeing this game in the DB, it was made for ludumdare:



Hi there!
Here's two games that were recently reported on ScummVM's bugtracker, does anyone know the proper titles (or have any info at all...)

Time Paradox
This one look like a MAGS game? probably around 2007

Escape room using Indiana Jones' sprite, this one is recent. The ingame title says "Adventure Jam", but I couldn't find the entry



Quote from: heltenjon on Tue 21/03/2023 08:51:05This is from an hourgame contest. It's included here:

Thanks a lot heltenjon! I already had the hourgame zip but somehow I missed that game  :P


About the other entry, the author is "Luis Angel Aleixandre Arnau" and the game looks a lot like his unsuccessful kickstarter "The Seeds of Vala".
He probably reused some of the assets for this AdvJam entry.


Quote from: tag2015 on Tue 21/03/2023 11:55:24About the other entry, the author is "Luis Angel Aleixandre Arnau" and the game looks a lot like his unsuccessful kickstarter "The Seeds of Vala".
He probably reused some of the assets for this AdvJam entry.
Yes, I noticed that, too. He's not been active on this community since 2019, but you could try reaching out. Seeds of Vala uses the nine-verbs, though, while the jam game looks like it is made with the BASS template. The settings look a lot like the gameplay video posted for Seeds of Vala, so you may very well be right.


Hi all
have found this thread only today, and my bad i haven't think about, despite the interest that the forum have about the games already in DB and not

For each game i searched the entire forum for any posts:
Desert Miner
boite, La
City That Drowned, The
Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat, The
Vexation Island The Game
Wormhole - Ch.1 - Remake
Animal Agency
Escape the brothel
Monkey Island 4 Testprojekt - It's a post from 2016, but the download link is still functional
Putt-Putt Saves The Stew
Zap and Andy
Color me bad - I've contacted the author, KarjaJr, using an old email address from 2010 and a PM on AGS forum
Best Buddies In : Corporate Espionage
Kidnapper Escape - room escape
Kubik - hand drawn isometric puzzle
Wulffenstein – Das Adventure für Zurückgetretene - should be a joke i think, just select a dialogue. There's a link to a page where download it
Mission Zukunftia
geiger-counter – Ivans Adventure - download no more available, i've contacted the author via Adventure-treff forum
Jenseits von Traum und Zeit
Shards of Gods
Beep Boop
Magenta: IN SPACE
Leisure Suit Larry 3 Point and Click Remake
O Jardim das Fadas
Noir Bois: The Prequel Prelude Saga
Scratching Away
Murder on the starlight express
Les archives de l'insondable
Waiting For Your Boyfriend Simulator
A crow cawled raven
America 2000
Weeping Lilium
The last no vax
Fuori ora
The Misadventures of Patches the Spazcat
The Blob Game
Splurt in wasted town
Bunny's Night Out
Escaped 2
Buddiest Universe - Day Off
The greatest story ever told
Dream Diary Quest
Slick Adventures
Joke Quest
ziggy shorts :the milkshake of doom
Neon Wilderness
Plastic Mines
Basement in the Woods
Witch Way Out
Cullfield Investigation
Kłopoty Mirmiła - Rozdział 1
Fantastyczna podróż Tytusa, Romka i A'tomka

In ITCH there're other games made with AGS, they could be found using the tags, the bad is that not always they are advertised as made with it


Crimson Wizard

Idk if this matches the topic, but there's a AGS game on Steam which is not in DB. It's commercial though, with no demo.
Title is "Castle Agony":

Found its GiP thread:

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