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Crimson Wizard

Welcome to the AGS Releases forum!

This forum is for announcing the releases of the new versions of AGS.

Currently only moderators can create topics here, but regular users may still post in these topics.

There are few notes on posting here.

DO POST here if:
- you want to clarify something about changes in the new AGS version,
- you are getting troubles when installing or running new AGS version, or
- you are getting troubles when running the game produced with new AGS version.
- you want to express how you feel about new version of AGS. :-D

NOTE: we also have an Issue Tracker for reporting bugs and suggesting new features; the only caveat is that you need a github account:
Official release issue tracker

DO NOT POST here if:
- you need help creating your game with AGS, scripting or using editor in general; these kind of questions should be posted in Beginners' Technical Questions or Advanced Technical Forum,
- you have suggestion on changing something in AGS (add new feature, improve or change how AGS works), or discuss current development; for this please post in Engine Development or Editor Development forums.
- you have questions on using game template, script module or plugin that was released by someone else; in such case please post in template/module/plugin - related thread. Usually such thread may be found in the Modules & Plugins forum.
- you found bugs in a game made by someone else; in such case you should rather post in the game-related thread (look in Completed Game Announcements) or contact the authors of the game elsewise.

These rules may be updated in future if such need arises.

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