A Golden Wake - Coming October 9th from Wadjet Eye Games. DEMO AVAILABLE!

Started by Grundislav, Mon 25/02/2013 03:30:39

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Grundislav Games presents:

The Story:
The Roaring Twenties. The Jazz Age. Prohibition.  For Alfie Banks, a young real estate salesman from New York recently relocated to Miami, it is a time of great opportunity. 

Set against the backdrop of the Florida Land Boom of the 1920s, A Golden Wake is a story of an innocent man's descent into greed and corruption, and his eventual redemption. 

Based on actual events and featuring real life locations and historical figures, you must guide Alfie on his journey to reach the top of the real estate game as he deals with shady salesmen, cutthroat bootleggers, corrupt politicians, and much more, all while swept up in the events surrounding the inception of Coral Gables, The City Beautiful.


Everyone is out to make a quick buck.

Enjoy a quiet drink behind closed doors with some unsavory characters .

Explore authentic historical locations from 1920s Miami.

Tool around in your very own Model T.

Nobody said real estate was easy.

The game will release on October 9th for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

You can get the demo at the official site or on Steam.

If you pre-order before then, you get a free copy of the soundtrack. You can check out the official trailer, order, and grab the demo at the Wadjet Eye site:



Awesome idea and sounds great. That last shot really captures the Flordia/Miami architecture. Good luck with it, I can already hear the wonderfully written old-timey conversations. Could be something like L.A. Noire.


Very excited about this.  I've actually been anxious to hear some sort of announcement since you started posting screenshots and notes about development on Twitter.  Will definitely buy this once it's released; I love the Ben Jordan series and I'm sure this will be excellent as well, and more than worth paying for.


Finally! I was anxious to see what all those backgrounds where for. I hope 2014 is a rough estimate, what about March 1013? :) :-D
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Everything about this screams awesome. It looks so beautiful! It sounds unique. When can I pre-order?


That looks like a wonderful game-to-come... best of luck with it, and godspeed!


Have you got a team of some sort? Those screenies look great.


Thanks for the feedback!  I'm really excited about this game, and my main concern was that the premise might be a little too "niche," but I'm glad to see there's interest.

Andail: I've gotten a bit of help with programming and naturally will have a musician, but it's just been me so far. Part of the reason I currently have no idea when this will be finished.


Oh there is interest...We've seen 1920s Chicago and Atlantic City, but not much of Miami around that time.  Sounds cool and looks great based on those screens!


And Just when I was thinking
"But what am I gonna do now I played all the BJ series"

Hurrah and good luck, it looks really good
Currently working on a project!


I will play any game you make. I already can't wait :P
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WOW! Too 'niche'...? What's not to like about this premise!

I can already smell seedy speakeasies and 'dirty pictures blackmail deals' :tongue:.
(So that's where that screen shot in 'Produce Something 2012' came from, eh? I was wondering.)

Looking awesome, Grundislav!


YAY! What a cool idea!  :cheesy:
This will become an interesting game.
You have already captured the spirit of that time in graphics beautifully. 

Good luck for this nice project.


Looks fascinating - and the graphical style just seems to suit the era down to the ground!

Look forward to seeing how this one turns out.

Don't worry about it being too "niche", I think it will actually benefit from that.  (If it doesn't... well, you can blame me!!)


Looks great!  Can't wait for the finished product.
All the best Grundy.


Looking great as usual Grundislav, best of luck with the game! :)


Looks great and sound interesting Grundi.

Crimson Wizard

Looks beautiful!
Is that dancing man on your avatar from that game too? :)


Looking great! I really like that it seems to be a proper period piece, and not just your usual stereotypical "gangster era" thing. And I love that there's so many NPCs on some of the screens - it instantly makes the game's world seem inhabited. Hopefully, they'll all have their individual rotoscoped animations as well. :) Definitely looking forward to it, good luck!


Quote from: Grundislav on Mon 25/02/2013 07:30:19
Thanks for the feedback!  I'm really excited about this game, and my main concern was that the premise might be a little too "niche," but I'm glad to see there's interest.

That niche seems really promising, I'd say. A nice change from anything paranormal-investigative-related ;)

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