Started by ukz530, Mon 30/01/2023 11:53:17

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Hi, all! Long time no see. I'm trying to develop a new game..


Anna from the cooking show "Super Chef,"
During the cooking contest, earthworms come out of Anna's chicken dish.
This goes on air and Anna loses her dream of becoming a chef.
Anna Wounded Hearts. To start something again, She goes to her hometown of Bonghwang-ri in the countryside.
Old friends welcoming Anna back home. But there was this strange thing going on in the village.

Screenshots :

- Graphics 10%
- Story 20%
- Puzzles 0%
- Scripting 0%
- Music/sound 0%
- English dialog editing : 0%
- QA(Play) Testing : 0%


Can't wait to see what you are cooking on, Ukz530!  8-)



Gorgeous stuff, as always.


Nice! Good luck with the development.

Your art style is getting better and better (though the perspective in the last image is way off  ;) ).


Ooh, very pretty high contrast artwork. Kinda reminds me of the artstyle in some SNES games.
The plot sounds interesting too.

I'll be keeping my eye on this.  :-D


Graphics and especially characters have improved, i like it! :-D I have to get going with my own game, have been on five months or more hiatus for a longtime now  (wrong)
Looking forward to play it or test it! 


it looks great!! congratulations!!


Looks very cool!


This looks really nice!


Hi, friends! It's been a while. I think I have some not-so-good news to share. It seems like the development progress of my game 'REBOOT' is going to slow down quite a bit. The reason is a bit complicated... Recently, I received funding through a indie game support program in South Korea. It was a competitive event for indie game support, and I passed the interview and documentation process with my game concept. However, unfortunately, the new game I'll be developing will be using Unity instead of AGS. (But it's still a horror adventure game, as before.) The reason I'm developing with Unity is that in Korea, not using Unity or Unreal Engine can put you at a disadvantage when it comes to receiving support through programs like this, so I ended up choosing Unity and decided to create a horror adventure game with it.

I still prefer AGS, and I'm actually not interested in making games with Unity. However, for the time being, I feel like I have to do it this way, and I hope you can understand. I will definitely not stop the development of my game, REBOOT, but the development speed may slow down. Nevertheless, I will do my best. Please continue to support me as I will continue making AGS games in the future.


And thank you all!  ;)


Well, I guess it can't be helped! We'll wait!



On the one hand it's a shame that development on this game will have to slow down.
On the other hand, congratulations on securing that funding for that Unity game. I hope it does well.  :-D

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