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Started by Calin Leafshade, Sat 31/05/2014 09:08:32

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Calin Leafshade

A cyberpunk adventure by Sanctuary Interactive

The Story

Kass_Seti, a leading member of hacktivist group Analogue Dawn, wakes on the streets of New Soho with a hell of a headache.
Her advanced cybernetic implants have malfunctioned, corrupting her memory, leaving her alone and offline on the streets of a London in crisis.

The Internet is heavily censored with every major service locked behind extortionate paywalls. This has allowed a second system, the illicit Free//Net, to flourish. Rival hacker group Watchl1st have become the dominant force on the system, moving from protecting its open values online to militant action in the real world.

Watchl1st's former allies Analogue Dawn strongly oppose this change and have declared war. Kass_Seti might be able to stop the violence, but first she has to repair the damage to her memory, not easy when she's in the wrong part of town with no way to call for help.



  • An immersive, near-future adventure
  • Full voice over
  • Original soundtrack
  • Cinematic, widescreen resolution at a blistering 320x180.
  • Contextual interface
The Team

Written by Rebecca McCarthy (Azure)
Programmed and directed by Steven Poulton (me)
Background art by Hayley Griffiths (Sookiesock)
Character art by Matt Frith

Follow us on twitter @SanctuaryInter!
Visit the website!

Estimated for release on your personal computer system this summer.


Can't wait! Love the details and artwork. :D
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So nice to finally see what all that art in Matt's blog was for. The interface looks sweet. Not sure how near future those cybernetic implants will be, but I like the idea and I look forward to playing it. Best of luck!


Another very professional looking and promising title, looks to be a good year for AGS. Those screenshots are beautiful and the high-color backgrounds actually blend surprisingly well with the low-colorish character sprites. As I understand, the game uses the power of the mighty Lua, will this mean any noticeable features/differences in comparison to regular AGS games?


This looks gahd-damn-amazing! <3


Wonderful AGS games going around these days! (nod)

It looks Amazing, Calin.
I am enchanted by every detail, from backgrounds to characters sprites, from colors to the font you used.
Maybe I repeat what others have already said, but I can't wait to play it.


This looks awesome, I really hope you'll capture the noir feeling that seem to lack in a lot of Cyberpunk games these days, hope to see more of this soon! :)



Looks very nice. It certainly does have a cyberpunk feel to it. Great job and good luck to you and the team.


Ooh, looks fun -- kinda like Transistor, but without the fights. Is this going to be a commercial release?


Cool, great to see that you're working on a game again.
I already saw the sprite on Matt's tumblr site, great to see it in context now.

And this is being made in AGS, not Adore?

Calin Leafshade

This is in AGS, yea. Adore is not ready for a real game yet.


Nice, getting some slight Blade Runner vibes in those screens which is always a good thing :)
Looking forward to it!
(and hoping for a Vangelis-y soundtrack...)


I'm very curious and excited about this! I'm not a big sci-fi fan but I'll give this one a try, since your previous games were so good.

Also, going through Matt Firth's portfolio... that guy's amazing!


I can hear background music and sounds in those screenshots. I can't wait to try this one. The plot is very interesting. Great work :)


I can't be anything but positive about cyberpunk! It looks lovely


The game looks awesome and a great choice of hair style for the main character ;)
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Wow, looks superb! Really looking forward to play it, love me some cyberpunk! :)


This looks great, especially the amount of colour in the scenenry. Look forward to playing this. :cheesy:

Ryan Timothy B

This looks amazing. I'm interested in the techy atmosphere.

I got a little hung up on the one dialog option: "What can you tell me about what happened here?", isn't that just an odd wordy run around way of simply saying "What happened here?" or even "Tell me what happened here?".

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