My Siblings, the Stones

Started by RootBound, Thu 01/06/2023 12:49:54

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MY SIBLINGS, THE STONES is a short story-driven adventure game.

A dropout mage arrives by portal to a village whose water has been diverted by a troll. In order to find her way home, she must help the villagers solve their predicament.

Can't wait to share it with all of you!


-Backgrounds adapted from photographs (thank you
-Music by Eric Matyas
-Character-driven puzzles
-A subtle mood
-Short-to-medium lentgh


-Coding: 50%
-Animation: 10%
-Puzzle and story design: 100%
-Dialogues: 70%
-Game areas: 100%

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Art style looks really interesting, keep it up!


Looks great! I did not know about opengameart.
The Tween Module now supports AGS 3.6.0!


It gets an interesting style with the "computerized" photos.
Story rich DRM-free games -


Looks really good! It launched memories from other games played, good souvenirs I like it, good job!  :)
Life isn't a game. Let's develop a life-like-game.


Hey all, just wanted to give a quick update to let you know this project is still alive.  :)

I definitely began it way too early, while other games were still in progress, so it stalled for several months. Then I did another MAGS entry. As one does. (roll)

Odds are that I will not finish it until early next year, because there are a lot of animations still to draw, lots of sound effects to mix and implement, GUIs to make, and then the playtesting phase. And with the holidays approaching I probably won't have much time to work on it once we get to the end of this month.

But there is progress!

-Coding: 85%
-Animation: 25%
-Puzzles and story playable: 100%
-Dialogues: 100%
-Music implementation: 90%
-Sound implementation: 10%

Here's a new screenshot:

Thanks for following along. :)
J. They/them. Here are my most recent games:


Looks and sounds really interesting!  ;-D



If anyone's interested in volunteering, please DM me, and I'll send you a download key. Hoping to release in the next couple of weeks.  :)
J. They/them. Here are my most recent games:

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