Shardlight - A Wadjet Eye Game by Ben304 and Grundislav

Started by Grundislav, Tue 09/12/2014 11:17:35

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Wadjet Eye Games Presents:

The world ended on the day the bombs fell.

Since then, it's always been like this. Disease, hunger, death. The ruling Aristocrats have unchallenged authority – a faceless oligarchy that controls all resources, and there's never enough food, water or vaccine for everyone. The poor live in fear, superstition and squalor. The rich receive regular doses of vaccinations in exchange for unconditional government support.

Amy has never known a life beyond this, and has had to resort to working for Tiberius, the ruthless head of the Ministry of Energy, in order to qualify for the vaccine lottery.  However, she will soon learn that the government is keeping a terrible secret.  With the help of a mysterious figure, Amy will work to unite the oppressed, bring down Tiberius, and find a cure for the plague.


For those of you who played OROW games The Rebirth and The Reaper, this is the full game teased by those two stories.  Look for it in spring 2016!

The Team
Ben Chandler: Background Art, Character Animations, Puzzle Design, Story
Francisco Gonzalez: Design, Writing, Story
Ivan Ulyanov: Character Portraits
Nathaniel Chambers: Music and Sound


Buy it here!
Download Demo


Meh (roll) looking amazing... :P
Ben never fails to amaze me.
I love that the first two screenshots are linked :-D


Amazing portrait work and beautiful backgrounds. This looks to be another gem!


Gorgeous stuff. I've got a total shard-on for this game (nod)


It's ridiculous how much this pulls on the nostalgia strings.


The graphics look stunning! Can't wait to play it!



Quote from: Grundislav on Tue 09/12/2014 11:17:35
The world ended on the day the bombs fell.
I'm getting Fallout vibes from the intro. Yes, I do remember those two OROW games. Good luck with this endeavour of yours.

With a new avatar and a new game, Grundyboy is back into the game! ;-D


I am happy you guys get to finally announce this. I know the effort and time you have dedicated to building this world will finally pay off.
I am Jean-Pierre.


Whoa, been waiting for this since you guys outshone all of us in that OROW. Looks incredible! ^^


I gotta say those MAGS games had me intrigued about this possible game :)
If this lives up to expectations (which I'm sure it will) we've got a Game of the Year contender here(nod), now that the bar has been set do we get some blockbuster launches in 2015? :-D


It looks really atmospheric. Looking forward to it.





Ok. I just came back from AdventureX in London. I saw such great games there... Then, once I'm back home, I open internet, click on AGS link and I see this.
I already love it.


I actually presented it at AdventureX on Saturday! Hopefully the presentation was filmed.


Quote from: Grundislav on Tue 09/12/2014 21:34:21
I actually presented it at AdventureX on Saturday! Hopefully the presentation was filmed.

I was not there on sunday indeed :(
note to self: next time go all days!

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