UPDATE(31.10.2003):A Tour Of Tel-Aviv City

Started by Alex Lowes, Sat 18/10/2003 08:22:01

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Alex Lowes

I just resently started my first AGS game :)
I am usig a 4 MP digi cam for this game.
It migh be made simillar to the Gabriell Knight 2 game.
Not enogh info yet but here are 2 screenshots of my game:
the fountain of rotchild boulivard

a close up of a memorial for the first pioneers whove built Tel Aviv.

Note:Rogger will not be the char for this game.It's going to be a real actor.

New Picure:
After correcting each color of this picture for a long time now.here it is.

I want some opinions about the color correction of the first picture(do you like it or not?
here is the pic:


looks great. just wondering : is this gonna be an adventure game or an interactive tour?

Alex Lowes

At the beggining it will be an iteractive tour,but I do plan making a thriller game like fantasmagoria  :o ;)


Are the people walking in the background actually going to be animated? If so, I think that will be very cool. You should also have other animations as well, such as cars moving.

I don't think it's enough just to take pictures because there's not as much work put into it as if you were to draw the BGs. However, I think if you go the extra step to animate the characters then it will be very nice.

Good luck!

Alex Lowes

The ones in the picture you see right now are not and will not be animated.
But I will make animated chars for the game itself.
Belive me it's hard enogh taking and editing the backgrounds themselvs.
Remebre it is my first game which I am really putting some thogh into it,but yet it may or will not be to complex.
Right now the resolution of the game is 640 over 480 but to make the file size of the game smaller I might rechange the pics to 350-230 or so.
I plan to add video scenes into the game anyhow.

About drawing BG:I realized along time ago that with real life pics and video I am pretty good with,but with drawing I am a mess.
But I really want to make an adventure game.so I have found this allternative.


I think it sounds like a good idea,

Do you mean an interactive tour at the start of the game, and then it becomes an adventure further in, or will that be a separate game?

If done right I think photos can work for a game, but yeah, it would be quite tricky to animate a photo, eg. make the fountain spray (unless you took a few photos with the camera in exactly the same position) and animating the people would be hard (to make it look real) but as you say, the initial photos won't be animated and you plan to have some video footage.

It could turn out quite interesting, Look forward to seeing how this developes.


Alex Lowes

Like Gabriel Knight was a tour of Germany ,I plan to make it the same.
In the future I will also make a tour of Israel also.
Anyhow after  writting this part I am going to my first step into trying to animating a diffarent fountain. :) wish me luck.


You mean you haven't dun a game yet!!!! :o :o

well i never. Will you do a speech pack?

Alex Lowes

Yes I actually do plan In making a speech pack :)

but yet I have to solve memoty problems for the game.
as I said changing it to a lower resolution(current is 640x420)
will help  with this problem but yet affect the displaying deatails part.


Well Good luck Alex.

I've already started a 2nd game myself but university is distracting me from it.

Details soon...I hope.

Good luck!


Whoa, how did I miss this? Will the game be in english (I sorta guess yes, but maybe..) ? Sounds great Alex, when you reach the point of making a speech pack I'd like to help (if my microphone works by then :P). Hopefully I can do a convincing hebrew english accent ;)

What is the story in the game? Who is the main character?
Try Not to Breathe - coming sooner or later!

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Hooray! A game containing backgrounds photos of what I consider to be the ugliest city in the world. I'm sure gonna play it.  ;)
Currently Working On: Monkey Island 1.5

Alex Lowes

LOL it will mainly be a horor game like phantasmagoria.
there might be if all goes throgh a part when the main char will go near a pond,a hand will pull him and he will need to find a way out.but yet I am thinking hard how to do it ;) no promises,till then I stik to the tour.
And about the language:Englishfor now,but yet I am going to try making a hebrew font I made if anybody remebres ::).
There will be alot of boring history about Tel Aviv and Israel.

Alex Lowes

Check out my picture update.
I will soon change the upper screenshots to the improoved ones. ;D

Alex Lowes



This is a really interesting idea.  I have traveled quite a bit and always enjoy learning how to find my way around a new place.  

I would love to be able to just walk around Tel-Aviv, talk to people on the street, ask directions to bars, see the sights,  etc...  It doesn't need to be an adventure game in the usual sense.   I would encourage you to not limit obligate yourself to such a paradigm.  

Wouldn't it be interesting if in a year or two there were a collection of interactive tours of various cities around the world.    

Alex Lowes

Yes quit an iteresting idea :)
but take in mind that the rooms in each of my games due to the games memory take up will be main places in there.
and it is very hard making a walking animation of pictures of real people.
I am a newbie in game making,so as said beafor:
This game will be propably less than expected,but yet I will try to make it as fun as possible. :o

what does anybody think about the game beeing like roger rabbit(half pic and half cartoon?)

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