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Started by Minimi, Sat 01/11/2003 23:23:35

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For this months MAGS competition, I'm making a game based on the book by C.S. Lewis "The lion, witch and the wardrobe".

The full title of the game is "Narnia Adventure Part 1 - The Wardrobe".
I will make part 1 for the mags-competition, and going to release more parts after that, because I can't make a game with over 100 rooms in one month :p

Plot/Story :
Because of the second worldwar, the four children, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy, stay at the mansion of their grandpa, that is professor. It's raining outside, and the children decide to explore the huge house. They walk through several rooms, and one of the rooms they take a visit, is an almost empty room, with only one old wardrobe in it. They leave the room, and Lucy, the youngest of the four, stays behind, because of her curiousity what's inside the wardrobe. She opens the doors, and there won't come an end to the wardrobe, and she thinks it must be a huge wardrobe! She walks on, untill she finds something soft and cold underneath her feat!...

Game Specs :

320x200 16bit
+- 12 rooms (on paper it's twelve, but I might make changes)
6 characters atleast, with walking animations
detailed and moody backgrounds.
I try to make challenging puzzles!
Background music (I only need to compose them still, but I'm just starting, so i have the time)
Uses Snow/Rain plugin

Screenshot(s) :

the room with the wardrobe

I hope to soon show you the character(s) and some more screenies, but for this saturday, I done enough, and it's midnight, so I'm going to bed. Tomorrow I'll continue :) So whadda you think?  :-\


well, I hope you won't hurry just to get it ready in time...the important thing is to make a good game, right?


Hmmm... I have a few suggestions if you want to take them in mind :)
Texture on the walls - now the wall is just simply boring.
Perspective! It's not the right... Check tutorials on

Either than that, it looks good.
I love the texture on the floor :)
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The perspective actually really only has minor problems.  The top of the wardrobe itself slopes down at too steep an angle, and the top line of the door should be angled up a bit to match the angle of its bottom line (or the bottom line should be angled down a bit to match the top line).  Anyway, good luck!
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It's a great idea, but also a potentially huge project.

I agree with not rushing it to be on time.

Maybe you could use just a very small part of the story - just enough to acheive something interesting. Of course, that would mean that you won't get to introduce as many characters and settings as you may have wanted. Just a thought.


After: Well, the first post says about 12 rooms.  I don't think that seems too big, plus the game is in 320x200 and 16bit, which is probably the quickest combination.
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an interesting choice minimi! its one of the few books that stand out from my childhood along with "Kes" (our english teacher had a special edition with no swear words,or so he claimed!)
i've often thought about doing a game based around a book, film. tv.. i'm very tempted to do a game based on "hitchhikers guide to the galaxy" which has already been a text adventure
i hope you pull it off, and the extended version m8 :D


There was somebody on IRC one time who said he was making a Hitchhikers game in AGS. Dunno if he's still around though...


Sounds cool, but the perspective on that screenshot is a bit funky... aside from that, it's great  ;D


Yay! I love the Chronicles of Narnia! It looks like it's going to be a pretty coold game. I'm just curious about how it's going to be only twelve rooms and six characters.  I guess you're doing just a little bit of the story.

One picky thing: Professor Kirke wasn't any relation to the Pevensie children.  During WWII, children were shipped out of London to just about anywhere considered to be "the country," regardless of whether they knew the people they were being sent to or not.  

Slightly off topic, but has anyone heard about this?
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Tnx for your comments, but I can't figure out how I can improve the perspective on the room. Maybee it's the floortexture... but I did change the wardrobe, it's perspective.

Dragonrose : Thank you for that info about the prof. It would be a waste to have a story that is wrong. I heard about yes... it's pretty cool, though I'm doubted that it's inspired by C.S. Lewis all the info.

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