Tropic Jim's Sweet Island Adventure

Started by sulhyd, Tue 09/07/2019 08:44:57

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Tropic Jim's sweet Island Adventure is a game about having a verifiably SWEET adventure on Tropic Jim's personal island.

In this short and free game that should come out by the end of the month, you are:

  • trapped on an island by a strange bandaged person
  • maybe unwilllingly involved in a strange scheme
  • possibly in danger. POSSIBLY.

What could happen? Maybe nothing? Probably something.



Hahaha! This looks really quirky and fun!


What was the inspiration behind this gem? ‘Possibly in danger' (laugh) that's so awesome


I think this was one of those ideas where you just get them? I definitely came up witht the ending first, and built the rest up around it.


This looks brilliant.  Really want to play it!   :grin:


I can't show much since what I'm working on is middle of spoiler territory, but here's an elevator.

The game's gonna be delayed, too. Probably til early to mid august? I'm like 85% done.

The Great Underground Empire


I love the expressive closeups.

Let's hope that something happens  :P


Woah so my projections for when the game was gonna be done was wayyyy off. This time, however, The game is really done (minus polish) so I can firmly say it comes out
Excited but nervous to make it public... Also it's hard to include a new screenshot since most of what I worked on was spoiler territory, but:


Looks awesome. I really love the painted artwork style - gives me nostalgia nerd sweats for that Beavis and Butt-head adventure title from the 90s.


It's out! You can get it here:

Free, but if you liked it you can donate.

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