Zniw Adventure - coming 06.11.2020 on Steam!

Started by CrashPL, Sun 22/06/2014 20:49:54

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Her mother's hatchday is just around the corner and Zniw, a young, yellow, female dinosaur, tries to find the ultimate gift! However, due to some unfortunate events, Zniw ends up far, far away from her hometown of Wajapulka. Now, armed with a sharp tongue, lack of navigational skills, and some knowledge from travel brochures, Zniw is desperately trying to find her way home... When she accidentally stumbles in on a major problem in the neighbouring village!

So how about it, will you help Zniw on her journey?

The story presented in the game serves as a prequel to Karolina Twardosz's yet-to-be released comic book "Zid, Zniw and Others".

>> Features:
* dinosaurs! (without lasers, but still!)
* no gore, blood or any nasty stuff, fun for everyone, regardless of their age
* 640x480 cartoon visuals created by Karolina 'Twarda' Twardosz
* easy to use verb-coin gui implemented
* a mini-map system, showing your current location, visited places, as well as locations where you dropped an important item
* built-in encyclopedia of game's lore, describing the characters and visited places
* unlockable rewards system, packed with goodies like concept art and minigames

Updates and links:
>> Screenshots:

The home is far, far away, Zniw...

Some characters you will meet will be helpful...

Others...well, not so much.

But using your wit, cunning and intelligence...

...and your (almost nonexistent) knowledge about the savage lands...

...I'm sure you will figure something out!

And let's hope you won't end as a tasty treat for a larger predator...

...or unintentionally anger the local fauna!

>> Animation samples:

>> The team:
* Game/tools programming/scripting - CrashPL
* Art & animations - Twarda
* Game & character design - Twarda
* Additional art/design - CrashPL
* Music composer - Problem
* Additional music (microgames sidtunes) - Pator

>> Technical details:
AGS v3.4 - 32-bit Direct3D 9 game, 640x480.

>> Estimated release date:
Somewhere in 2018

(you can also check our tumblr accounts for several updates, regarding the game, using the 'ctgame' (the codename of the game) tag:
Twarda's tumblr
CrashPL's tumblr
Twarda's twitter
CrashPL's twitter
Facebook page

And well... we do really hope you enjoyed it so far! :-D Any feedback always appreciated!


Wow! Great looking game. The close-ups look magnificent.


This looks lovely!  The graphics style is great, I like the speech bubbles, and altogether it just looks terrific! 8-)

Secret Fawful

One of the most unique games I've seen on here. Everything about this looks good.


Great stuff! It does look unique!
Working on a RON game!!!!!


Wow! I'm in love with those screenshots!
Terrific work!



This looks great! Best of luck bringing it together. I'll have my eye on this :-)
But... How do you pronounce Zniw?

Matt Frith

Nice looking game you have there! I love those smooth animations :)


Awwww! Zniw is such a sweet Charakter and so nicely animated
This game looks really like "my blue cup of tea" (nod)

Lots of luck for this cute project.


looking very good, nice and smooth already, keep it up!

Mouth for war

mass genocide is the most exhausting activity one can engage in, next to soccer


Lovely game :-D Looks like a lot of fun (laugh) Best of luck!


Will this be a kid-friendly game? If so, I have a little guy who is going to love it.


Looks awesome, all around! The backgrounds are stylish, the animations are nicely detailed (diagonal loops, tail wagging) and the characters look cute and cuddly (even that crocodile). You'd think a big, bipedal lizard is a weird choice for a game character, but here at AGS it happens more often than you think ;)

Also: rodacy bo boju!


Haha, wow, thanks for all the feedback! We're very glad you liked it so far. :D Actually such a great feeling, when some of my idols (I played quite a few AGS games back in the day) are commenting on our game. :Dãâ,¬â,¬Now for answering the questions...

QuoteBut... How do you pronounce Zniw?

Well, I know, it may sound a bit confusing for non-polish speakers. ;) You see, in polish you pronounce it as you read it. In English I guess it should sound like the word "sniff", but with softer 'z', instead of 's'.

QuoteWill this be a kid-friendly game? If so, I have a little guy who is going to love it.

Yes! We're aiming at an all-ages-friendly game, without any unnecessary blood or swear words. You know, just pure fun for everyone. :D

QuoteAlso: rodacy bo boju!

Jak najbardziej! Zawsze miŠ‚o spotkaÃ,,‡ rodaka na angielskojÃ,,â,,¢zycznym forum. ;)

In other news we hope to release a playable demo of the first act (Scattered Woods) soon (after I iron out some smaller bugs, and code some more features)!

Daniel Thomas

Looks great! High production value!
Check out The Journey of Iesir Demo | Freelance artist, check out my Portfolio



Thanks guys! Now that I've taken care of the University stuff, one thing less clogs my free time, so it's update time!

The encyclopedia view, it will cover most of the game lore, including seen places, items and characters.

This poor little (stuck) Ankylosaurus will surely need our help

Of course no indie game would be complete without some kind of an 8-bit mockup/homage. Here you will have glorious 8-bit minigames!

And a little bit of lovely character concept arts, from the talented Karolina:

Merd the elder turtle

S. Snake


I love the charming cartoony/comic book style, with the speech bubbles, cute icons, stylized pop-up windows and all that. The protagonist looks very cute and likeable. I also dig the warm and peaceful color palette, I think it's spot on. It reminds me of a series of illustrated books for learning English I read as a child in PL but that is certainly a good thing. The overall quality of graphics is so high I wish you were making it in even higher res (640x480 is pretty high by AGS standards, though). I'm really eager to play it :)

On a side note, I can't help noticing the Polish branch of AGS is growing & getting stronger year by year... Way to go, way to go!

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