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Started by lafouine88, Sat 30/03/2024 23:44:49

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Sure, my repositories are in here:

I have to tell I have a lot of difficulties with my own code when it's old. You can't see because I hid but I have a little graveyard of abandoned prototypes that went nowhere and the code is pure nonsense.

Now the ones that I do like of those are probably

If you want to share the sources I could read and maybe try to suggest something


Quote from: Khris on Mon 01/04/2024 11:29:54The second variant will take even longer.

True, I didn't think straight!  :X


Quote from: eri0o on Mon 01/04/2024 22:07:37If you want to share the sources I could read and maybe try to suggest something

Hi. I tried to reduce the script to the module that seems to be problematic. I marked it so it is easier for you to understand but don't struggle too much on it. Just by looking at the structure of your games I can tell that I'm far from being clean on my architecture and I guess it's going to be a hell to understand :/

Thanks again for all your help and thanks for sharing your games, it's really very helpful oO

Here is the wetransfer link (just a notepad from the selected module) :


Here's a pastebin:
(wetransfer links only last a week)


Hi guys
It seems I found something. The problem was too many characters were doing the idle/patrolling function :

Code: ags
  for (int i = 0; i < 30; i++) ///30 character ennemies
    if (Region.GetAtRoomXY(character[i].x, character[i].y - ennemis[i].base) == Region.GetAtRoomXY(player.x, player.y - blancplayer)) ////to not waste memory on distant ennemies

i reduced a bit my regions but more important the amount of ennemies on it to around 10,and set them all to note solide(which I forgot to do on some of them) and it is now very fluid.
I Guess I underestimated the accumulation of fonctions and should not be too greedy with the memory in the future. I will try to keep it to the minimum.
Thanks again to everybody:)

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