(SOLVED) HELP! Text doesn't scale with the game's new resolution.

Started by Kemonopad, Mon 22/04/2024 20:54:40

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I am doing a test run setting up for a game and when I switch the resolution to 1920x1080 and tried to perform a play test I saw the text was still scaled for the older resolution, for like 320 I think, and I don't know why.

Is there some kind of "scale text to resolution" feature I forgot to toggle or is this a glitch?

Thank you in advance.

Crimson Wizard

AGS does not scale a game text automatically.

If you are using TTF fonts, you'd need to reimport them with different size.
If you are using WFN (bitmap) fonts, you could try setting SizeMultiplier in font's properties.
Using SizeMultiplier for TTFs is also possible, but with TTFs reimporting with wanted size is a better solution, because glyphs may look differently in different font sizes.

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