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Started by Atelier, Thu 02/04/2015 22:39:46

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My game 'blind to siberia' is finished! It's done a bit early as I entered it into #adventurejam as well :) I hope that's okay and not a faux pas!

Here is the completed game thread:

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Same as Xil, I'm hoping to jointly entering this into both MAGS and Adventure Jam as long as nobody has any objections with that.

Ive uploaded it to the database now (but for some reason the screenshots aren't showing fixed):
And here is the Completed Game post:

Gorgeous hand-painted title screen

Gorgeous hand-painted inventory

Gorgeous photo-realistic photocopier



My only problem is that I wish I thought of it too!
Congrats to both of you for finishing early ;)


Love both the entries so far!

For my game I ran out of time for Adventurejam and released a janky mess, but I should be able to spruce it up for the MAGS deadline :)



After advancing as slow as lazily possible (while maintaining the appearance of working at a project) I managed to complete the prototypes of all Rooms (all is a big word in this case... you'll see). By the time I announced that the game concept is developed enough, it was already greatly different from what I initially had in mind (idea and story remaining the same) and the consequent demands for more complex animations, game mechanics and interface indicated quite a long period of labor. But I didn't know how comfortable you people are about MAGS being a place where projects are only started? Anyway, now it's sure that Sleeping Beauty is not going to be ready by the end of April. The new plan is to have in the first half of May one of the two screenshots required by a GIP thread. A second screenshot would demonstrate more complex aspects of the game than walking and talking to npcs and so it will come some weeks later. Working at the same pace I expect to finish by the end of Summer (2015!). A rather long time for what will be a very short game, albeit with some replay value. I feel like saying more about it but it's probably better to wait until the GIP thread is up. Some parting words now, as this is probably my last return to MAGS-April. Thank you Hobo! The idea that started it all came in response to the challenge launched by your topic. Thank you Atelier for hosting me at MAGS, again! And thanks to all participants and to all that expressed an interest in this MAGS - the workshop I'm growing fond of is here also because of you!


Deadline today. How are those WiPs coming? X


Uuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Submitting just before midnight will be fine right? :p


Well, I've joined forces with Emont a couple of weeks ago, but there was very little chance we could meet MAGS deadline. We should be able to complete it until mid to late June though. I'm helping with art and story to support Emont's idea and Emont is coding and making music (which sounds brilliant, BTW!). Here's one of the backgrounds I'm working on (WIP obviously):


I look forward to playing your games guys and good luck to those who are still "on the run" (fingers crossed, spring thoughts!)



SOMNAMULIZER: A Tale From Olympus U

Currently uploading, be sure to download the build that says MAGS VERSION.

* Play as Hypnos the Greek god of sleep!
* Drug People
* Witness animations when they work!
* Hear nice music that I do not own the copyright to!
* Text
* Images
* Fffffffffff
* Autosave!!!
* Nudity but it's totes SFW because they're Greek gods and my art style is literally indistinguishable from ancient statues

I was fixing things up to the last minute but it's nowhere near as polished as it should be and I'm kicking myself for it; you're going to notice a lot of animation glitches and missing interactions though HOPEFULLY I've squashed everything game-breaking. Oh yeah, also the last part of the game's one long cutscene because I cut two big puzzles, AIN'T I A STINKER :|

EDIT: Stil uploading, may I please have a ten fifteen minute extension :| :| :|
EDIT: I've had to take it down I only went an uploaded a version that starts in the wrong room ha ha ha no no no no
EDIT: Back up 00:50, boy I have to go work in four hours


There's some very cool looking games here -- especially looking forward to that game by Kasander and Emont - it looks beautiful :) And big congrats to Stupot for killing two birds with one stone - fun game!! :)
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Eggie, that is one of the most alluring screen shots of an AGS game I've ever seen! I just HAVE to play that game now to know what the hell is going on there ;)

As Kasander said, we started working on something together that couldn't make the deadline. He's coming up with some really incredible art for it and there was no way I had the time to do it justice in the few weeks we've been talking, so we've avoided the MAGS deadline and are hoping to finish it later in another month or two. Still, the main thing is we've got working on something that wouldn't have existed otherwise, so thanks to all those involved in keeping MAGS going!


What's happening now? Has voting started yet?


Do we send a PM to Atelier to vote?


Sorry guys, May is exam month so my visits are sporadic. Three entries this month:

    Blind to Siberia by xil:
    Power Nap by Stupot:
    SOMNAMULIZER: A Tale From Olympus U by Eggie:

Please PM this account (or the MAGS Host account) with your vote by 20th May. Good luck everybody!

PS. please include the phrase 'mags' somewhere in your PM to make it easier for me to count ;)


We only have 3 votes in so far. There's still about a week left to play and vote!


How's the voting coming along? Did more than 3 people vote? :-\


We have been reliably informed by Atelier that the result of April's MAGS was a tie between Power Nap and Somnamulizer. But Blind to Siberia was great, too. Unlucky this time Xil.

So that finally puts a lid on April's MAGS/AdventureJam crossover. Look out for June's topic very soon, once Eggie and I have thought of one.


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