MAGS January: "Aftermath" (Winner Announced)

Started by Atelier, Fri 02/01/2015 13:22:22

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Heeeere we go! 4 entries to choose from:

Mess Goblins by Dropped Monocle Games:
All Gone Soon by vertigoaddict:
A Landlord's Dream by LostTrainDude:
Starlit Grave by xil:

Please PM this account with your vote by the 14th February. I must say, the standard is ridiculously high this month!


Topic: 'Aftermath'

This month's guidelines were set by Baron and Ponch:

Events can happen in a blink of an eye, but the ramifications afterwards, the fallout, the aftermath, are what make the event important.  This month's theme is to depict the consequences of such an event as they play out over the next day, or week, or longer.

The event can be a wild-party typical of New Year's Eve (and the aftermath would be the hangover the next day), or a bomb strike (the fallout being the carnage or destruction wrought), or a romantic rendezvous (the consequences being the quintuplets born nine months later), or a workplace accident, etc.  Think of the typical season finale of Game of Thrones, which deals with the responses to the great event of the penultimate episode, or the second half of the fourth season of The Walking Dead.

The event can be whatever you choose, but it should not itself be the focus of the game (it can be depicted minimally, for example as an intro, or sporadically through flashbacks, etc.).  The main emphasis of the game should be on the fallout after the event.

Ending 31st January


What is MAGS?

MAGS is a monthly competition for amateur adventure game makers. The idea is to create a game in under a month, following the rules set by the previous winner. It aims to help you work to a deadline, improve your skills, or provide a kick-start into making adventure games. Regardless of skill, MAGS is for everyone. Voting is based on "favorite" games, and not the most artistic, or the best coded. If you have bad art skills, use it as a chance to do some graphic work. If you're sub-standard at coding, use it as a chance to give scripting a go. Ultimately, people will vote for the most enjoyable entry.

You may get help for the competition, although you must end up doing something yourself. You should however be warned that it proves difficult to organize a big team within thirty days. You are not allowed to use material already created before this competition. Your game must be completely new! Music and sound is an exception; you can use free material that is available to the public, if you wish. Modules and templates are also allowed.

Entering MAGS is simple. First, conceptualise your game following the month's criteria (see top). Second, create your game fueled only by coffee. Finally, post your game in this thread, including:

âÅ"“ A working download link
âÅ"“ The title of your game
âÅ"“ A suitable in-game screenshot

At the end of the month, voting will begin, usually lasting for fifteen days. The winner chooses the next month's theme, and their name and game is immortalised in the MAGS Archive. For more information, please visit the Official MAGS website.


I'll be bold this time and publicly ask for someone to work with :D

I don't have many ideas in this moment (though I have a couple), but I'd like not to deal with everything myself for a change (laugh), so I'm pushing myself forward.

Just for the sake of information: I think I can handle music, sound effects and "intermediate" programming (if I have to learn something new, I'm most of the time able to do so, with the proper amount of time) and overall design more than graphics that are still hard for me to get to a nice level of polish and quality without a huge amount of frustration (laugh).

I think\hope I'll come up with something no matter if I'm alone or not, but I'd really like to work with someone else if there's the chance!
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I'm going to make a game about a bunch of kids and what they get up to when their algebra class finished.


I think I might give this one a shot, do something more story based. I've become so rusty with AGS, this should oil the gears.


Long time no see, VA. Happy New year :-D

It's a tempting theme indeed and I've been throwing around some ideas, but realistically I don't think I'll have the time.


Halfway through the month. Hoping to see some screenshots in this thread soon. :)

Dropped Monocle Games

Well Ponch, ask and you shall receive.. was going to keep this one under a sheet till we finished but I'm hoping sharing this will get others to share on this months MAGS ;)


Maybe pixelincognito and me should enter with a game named Bowl of Dust :D
More seriously, great theme!
Good luck people!




MESS GOBLINS!!! Now we know who to blame!!! I can finally convince all my work-mates that it's not my fault!!!

This game looks seriously charming! Loving their clothes made out of garbage scraps! Adorable! Where can we buy the plushies? Me wantie!


Sox is a dab hand at needle felting and I have made Woo into a plushie before so a Mess Goblins toy is within the realms of possibility! We at Dropped Monocle love us some plushies!

Nag Sox to share his needle felt goblin in the forums because it is epic! And I really want him to make a mess goblins one too because I think his design is so cute and was exactly what I had in my head when I wrote it.



I know it's not Screenshot Saturday, but still...

This is to say that me, Kastchey and CaptainD are working of something :D
Actually, the art you see is entirely by Kastchey: as far as you know he may be the only one working on this game (roll).

Anyway, we plan to release it on time and maybe use it as a starting point for something else!
Still... If Ponch is pleased by this screenshot, is there any chance of an extension? :P

Also, looking forward to play Mess Goblins! Seems awesome!
"We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing."

Dropped Monocle Games

Ooooooo looking good, I'm happy to see someone else taking part in this MAGS, was worried we would be the only ones! (laugh)

Quote from: LostTrainDude on Thu 29/01/2015 00:19:59
Still... If Ponch is pleased by this screenshot, is there any chance of an extension? :P
We are very close to being finished, but a little extra time for polish is never a bad thing, so I wouldn't mind if an extension happened myself ;)


Quote from: Soxbrooker on Fri 30/01/2015 00:15:52
Quote from: LostTrainDude on Thu 29/01/2015 00:19:59
Still... If Ponch is pleased by this screenshot, is there any chance of an extension? :P
We are very close to being finished, but a little extra time for polish is never a bad thing, so I wouldn't mind if an extension happened myself ;)
Ponch is pleased with these screenshots. Send word to Atelier to extend the deadline a few days (once he's sobered up, of course). :=

Actually, it's not up to me. This would require joint approval by Atelier, Baron, and myself (with Atelier's vote being the only one that isn't purely symbolic). But I think a 48 hour extension would be reasonable. We all lost a few days at the start of the month from celebrating New Years, right? :wink:


An extension would be awesome! I don't want to be "that guy" who makes excuses but... I did get pretty ill for the most part of January (lost my voice for a while and I really wanted to show off what I could do with my throat), there were days I couldn't be bothered to do anything.

My game is barely a game now, I decided to cut out the actual adventuring >_>; It's more of an interactive short movie really.


Everyone else's games look awesome btw!


You aren't the only one. I have IBD and caught the norovirus which has really knocked me back and I've been struggling for the past couple of weeks. A 48 hour extension would make things easier at Dropped Monocle HQ. Poor Sox has been doing much of the polishing solo and ideally we need to get it tested this weekend just to make sure we haven't missed any major bugs. 


Do we have any official confirmation on whether this deadline has been extended? I started my game rather late (about a week ago :D) so the extra 2 days would be awesome!
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Yes of course, everybody consider the end of 2nd Feb to be the new deadline!


I symbolically affirm what Atelier, the guy with all the real power, has already dictated.  If AGS were a constitutional monarchy, I'd be the Queen.... ;-D

Nice looking prospective entries, btw!

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