Sprite Jam: Business woman from another century (CLOSED)

Started by Misj', Wed 02/12/2020 17:08:16

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Business woman from another century

Due to personal reasons I, right now, don't have the (emotional) energy to write a great and fun introduction like my predecessors did. Instead I will write something boring and hope your entries will elevate the experience.

The goal is to draw a business woman who lives/works in a different century from our own. Think before the year 2001 or after 2100 (give or take a year, depending on where you believe this century starts or ends). So basically I'm looking for someone before or after the great-intern-hiring (we had last month).

* Make a sprite based on the concept of a business woman (from another century)
* Post it in this thread.
* The Deadline is December 31st 2020. I'll try to announce a winner on January first.
  (I know most Jams are a little shorter; but December tends to be a busy month)

Things I'll be looking at
* the use of colours (as well as how well they are limited)
* readability of the design (think contours)
* expression/stance/personality.

Animations are welcome but not mandatory.

And the most important thing is of course: Have Fun! and be creative


I have an inkling of an idea... We'll see if anything develops.  :smiley:


Meet Eleanor Coade, talented business woman at a time when ladies were usually forced to stay at home.


She successfully ran a factory producing statues, sculptures and architectural ornaments made of "artificial stone" for decades.

The former owner of the factory worked for her at first. But she didn't hesitate to dismiss him after he took actions without her consent.

Read this story here or here.

I haven't found any picture of her.


My first try at making something pixely. Its a girl in an unkown future selling Robopets.



When Lisa heard her new colleagues call the boss a real monster, she thought that was rather unfair. It's not her fault that she doesn't look human, after all. Turns out, that's not what they were talking about. Lisa thinks about getting a new job - again.



Great entries so far.
But there's room for more before the end of the year.


Her name is Carrie and she's an independent mud selling business (the century is roughly 200BC)



2021 has come, and so this SpriteJam has ended.

I must say I found it hard to judge...so I tried to do this as objective as possible. But there's always the personal appeal. And if you disagree with my decision, I completely understand.

  • Creamy (Eleanor Coade): First of all, using an actual historical person was awesome. Readability of the silhouette is great, and the use of the colours keeps the character very clean. I certainly like the somewhat-painterly look (which fits the era); although it might be hard to animate.

  • Racoon (RoboPet-Lady): I cheated for this judging. I recreated the character due to the compression, not-pixel-perfect-scaling, and screenshot-appearance of the original. As a result, some of the colours are my re-interpretation of the original. With pixelart, always use an integer-scaling (1x, 2x, 3x, etc) and safe the image as PNG to prevent artifacts. That being said, I do like the character. Her overall attitude is definitely there, and her colours match well together

  • Sinitrena (Lisa): Colour-wise this is definitely the courageous/out-there. Hard, bold colours, that don't really gel together; combined with a gray suit. It's a bold choice, and it doesn't really work for me personally. I would have tried to bring it all just a little bit more together (e.g. adding a little of her lip-colour into the gray of the suit, and moving the yellow a little towards the red, and bringing her suitcase closer to the hue of her shoes). But I do feel it was an artistic choice to represent the character. Her silhouette is a bit hard to read, but I don't think there is a real solution for that, as the character herself is somewhat outlandish (as in humanoid but not human).

  • guyNullVal (Carrie): I really like the simplicity of this character. Her entire design is very limited, and you emphasized that with a very simple silhouette and colour-scheme. I can certainly imagine an entire game in this style. Her silhouette is a bit hard to read as the character-design is very condensed. But that makes sense for what you're going for. And even though i'm generally not a fan for pixel-art, I can see this work in both an adventure game and a lemmings or gobliiins like puzzler

So, the winner of the last 2020 SpriteJam is...Creamy. It was a hard one. I kept doubting myself while I typed this. But in the end - apart from the beautiful art - the fact that Elanor is actually an historical figure that I now know about was the cherry on top. So to you befalls the honor of bringing the SpriteJam into 2021. Congrats!


Wow, applause for your detailed Voting Misj'. And Congrats to Creamy, great sprite and background Story.

Yeah, I had problems with exporting the art, because it always looked blurry. I'll try to do better next time.


Thank you.

QuoteI certainly like the somewhat-painterly look (which fits the era); although it might be hard to animate.
I'm just the chara-designer here. I leave these concerns to the animator (laugh)


Wow what a thorough judgement :D
Big congrats to Creamy

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