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Here are the trophies I had the honor to offer or donate for some competitions so far:

Coloring Ball ''SPEEED'' ~  06/2018

          to stupor

          to Creamy and Pling!

          to AnasAbdin

Coloring Ball ''Advent Calendar'' ~  11/2017

          to all participants

          to Danvzare and arj0n

          to Glenjamin

          to AnasAbdin

Coloring Ball ''Puzzle Pieces'' ~  02/2016

         to Arj0n and jwalt

         to Mandle

         to Danvzare

         to AnasAbdin

Sprite Jam: “Star Wars/Star Trek“ ~ 01/2016

         to Ponch and jwalt

         to Scavenger

         to Mad

Coloring Ball: “RECIPE!“ ~ 04/2015

         to all participants

         to jwalt

         to Hobo

         to AnasAbdin

Coloring Ball: “FEED ME!“ ~ 11/2014

          to Mandle

          to selmiak
          to aikex222

          to AprilSkies

Coloring Ball: “THE GROOVE“ ~ Sept./Okt. 2014

               to Hobo

               to jwalt

               to AprilSkies

Coloring Ball: “Splish Splash“ ~ 08/2014

        to all participants

        to selmiak

        to Billbis

        to AprilSkies

Coloring Ball: 'WEAPONS' ~ 02/2014

       to all participants

        to cat

        to CitizenParagon

         to NickyNyce

Coloring Ball: 'Trick or Treat' ~ 10/2013

       to all participants

       to jwalt

       to Arj0n

       to Ponch

Ponch's Fortnightly Writing Competition - Happy Holidays! ~ 12/2012

       to PeterT
       to Sinitrena
       to Baron

SPRITE JAM: AGS-Heroes! ~ 03/2012

      to Ghost     

      to straydogstrut     

      to Ponch


      to betocapo     

      to anian     

      to Cino

Coloring Ball:  Egypt!? ~ 01/2012

      to Darius Poyer     

      to Cleanic   

      to AnasAbdin

Coloring Ball: Attention ~ Poisonous! ~  11/2011

           to all participants 

      to Ghost, Bogdan, Adrian, Rakuen, NickyNyce     

      to Darkdan     

      to Camden

Ponch's Fortnightly Writing Contest: A Flick Of The Switch ~  07/2011

      to Oliwerko     

      to Sinitrena     

      to Captain D

Tenacious Stu's Fortnightly Writing Competition: The American Old West ~  07/2011

      to kconan and Jimbob     

      to Ponch

Fortnightly Writing Comp. ... A LIGHT IN THE DARK ... ~ 04/2011

      to all participants

      to Domithan, straydogstrut, Francis de Mont     

      to Calin Leafshade     

      to Ponch

«edited several times»
just to keep it updated for you 


The two trophy sets I made for the folowing:

SPRITEJAM -Inanimate Evil- (9/12/08-9/19/08)

The evil-rockies"

- Misj'
- Ben304
- petazzo

Unconventional Logic" [Apr. 19 - May 3 2008]

- Twirlly
- miguel
- Questionable


I began going through the threads in reverse order to find all the trophies with type of competition and date etc, and got about 20 pages in, I can finish it off from next week, if it's still necessary? Also, I think I saved them to my hard-drive so we can preserve them as lots of the links were already broken.


Unfortunately, I can't find some throphies... :(

Animation Challenge - 26.4 to 07.5.
1st. - Saberteeth
2nd. - Sektor 13
all participants:

Tune Contest: 11/05/06 - 18/05/06
- Obi for his "Tetris Song"

Animation Challenge 6/27 thru 7/8 The strange thing
1st. - Mad
2nd. - Strange Visitor
Every participant

Animation Challenge 21.5(Su)-01.6(Tu)
1st. - cpage

The AGS Coloring Ball 25/07-31/07
1st. - CaptainBinky
every participant
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