Absent - Now Available on Steam! (September 2015 Update)

Started by FNGames, Thu 03/10/2013 21:49:54

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Could you add the option to have text and voices? I like to be able to either sit back and listen or quickly advance through dialog, depending on the situation.
It's just a few lines of code to add a shortcut key that allows switching text on and off.


A bug with the lift/hand tool:
When trying to use keys on lift button, the cursor changes immediately into the hand. To use the keys one must change back into they keys while the cursor is over the button.
And the same with the canteen doors.


it seems the download link is broken...
yes, "Game Front" shows and offers the file for download, but as soon as the download is supposed to start, an error messages appears. The very same happens if you try and click on the direct download link.


can anyone please reupload the game or provide a working mirror? Thanks!


Well, you all had suggestions, and all of the download links have expired so...

Absent v1.1!

- It is now possible to enable and disable subtitles and voices.
- Added guidance on how to save and load game for new players.
- Rearranged the intro to play after the main menu. (So that intro can be played with subtitles.)
- Disabled the cursor spontaneously changing to "use" in some areas. Was causing some glitches.
- Added voicework in a few blank spaces.

I'm very sorry about the file hosting that was used for this release. Usually I'd rely on my site, but it chose that week to go down!
Still working on rebuilding the site, but for now the file itself can be grabbed from it!

Everything should be in order now so here's hoping those who haven't played the game yet enjoy it! :)



If I download the new game, can I restore from my current save point or do I have to start over?



Thanks for a really great game, looking forward to your next one.
If somebody says they know all the answers, they haven't been asked all the questions.


Quote from: Shadow1000 on Tue 15/10/2013 01:14:49
If I download the new game, can I restore from my current save point or do I have to start over?


If I had to guess, I'd say the save files probably won't work with v1.1.  You could give it a go, but I'd probably say the file won't load because I created additional graphics sprites for v1.1.

Quote from: Tinytim on Tue 15/10/2013 13:29:30
Thanks for a really great game, looking forward to your next one.

Thanks a lot! :)


Great game, I agree! Enjoyed it a lot.


I actually got stuck in this place. I think it's a bug.


Yikes! How'd you manage that?! That's never happened before. Sorry about that, hope you managed to save.
If he just randomly teleported in the midst of walking there then it's probably an AGS thing. Must have something to do with the walkable area in the left of the screen being left on. Ill get it looked into.
Has anyone else experienced this?


I finished the game and enjoyed it. I will post my comments when I have a chance. However, I want to report that a number of times (I think they were all after cutscenes) the speech stopped working. I had to save my game and then reload in order to get the speech working again.

If it helps, I was playing version 1, as you said that 1.1 wouldn't work with my saves. Of course the fact that speech is the only way to know what's going on made this bug even worse :)



Well, after only eight months, Absent: The Game can now be grabbed from Desura right here! Give it a go if you've not checked it out yet! :)

(Also, it's kindof on the main page today!)

And in an unbelievable timing coincidence (yeah, right!), Absent II has just been announced! Follow the link below to the development thread.

The new game will be released in 2015.

Hope everybody's going good!



As you may have noticed in the Game Development Thread, the Kickstarter for our sequel, Absent II, is currently in operation!

We need to raise £1,600 in the next sixteen days to ensure that we secure the talent from the first game that we need for the sequel.
Take a look and help us spread the word, guys! We really want to give you this game next year. Thanks!



Well, after a few months on Greenlight, Absent has made its' Steam debut. :)

Enjoy, everybody! :D



Congrats on the steam release! That is definitely a cool milestone.
ca. 70% completed


I remember playing the earlier version a while ago and being intrigued.

I just finished it, really liked it. But are you going to tell the story behind that bag and the magic pen that was in it?

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