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Started by Shade, Wed 03/04/2013 21:35:35

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It took one week to create the basic version and a month to enhance it. But it was worth the effort.

selmiak polished the game up with new graphics and ideas to improve the gameplay. But what exactly has changed?

- new graphics
- new interface
- play with up to 22 rows
- choose whether you can pick a color twice or only once
- delete a color or even the whole row
- set a random combination
- copy a combination from any previous row
- see how many tries you have left
- points and highscore lists (thanks to Rocco for his module!)
- profiles that store your wins, losses and aborts in singleplayer mode
- multiplayer with up to three players
- play up to 9 rounds with different settings in multiplayer mode

We hope you like this whole new mastermind experience. Have fun! :)

selmiak & Shade


This is cool!
It works out for 4 columns and 6 colors, but for more than 7 colors (or more columns) more rows to get a feel for the combination would be really helpful.

Also I like this so much, I'd like to give the gfx an update. Will PM you.


I remember playing this sort of game when I was a kid... will definitely give it a look.

Peder 🚀

I've spent countless hours playing this as a child at my grandparents house. I'll have to download on try it out! :)


It's nice to see such a classic recreated in AGS. I've played a little and had good fun.

Some thoughts:
* Having the indicators in a rectangle grid feels a bit odd, I'd suggest to have them in a straight line just like the playing area.
* With more than 5 columns and additional colours, the game becomes really much harder because you have exponentially less space for guesses; maybe enlarge the number of guesses as more columns/colours are selected?
* What selmiak said- the graphics are decent and functional, but a little polish (or even several sets of playing pieces) this could shine!
* Scoring, a player profile where scores are saved, maybe the option to have players compete? That'd make it even cooler!


wow, thanks for your feedback! i am glad you like it. :)

when i put this up i thought: "well, you made a quick little game just for fun and thats it." but as i am reading your posts i think i'll rework this a little bit. :)


Quote from: Shade on Thu 04/04/2013 22:58:01
but as i am reading your posts i think i'll rework this a little bit. :)

And a little bit became 1 month and 1 day. And it became a little bit better, yeah!

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