Brian Eggs Is Lost In The Woods

Started by OneDollar, Sat 02/03/2024 23:15:47

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Brian Eggs Is Lost In The Woods

My acquaintance the (self-proclaimed) video game auteur Brian Eggs has asked me to upload this game on his behalf. I asked him how he wanted to describe it, and he said "it is a tale of adversity examining a persons resilience and resolve when separated from the rest of humanity and also theres a squirrel in it". Having played the game myself... well... there certainly is a squirrel.

I convinced him to let me fix some game-breaking bugs, but he wouldn't accept any of my other suggestions. So this is his unhindered artistic vision.

You have been warned.

Download the game!
Play the (test) web browser version here!

Brian Eggs Is Lost In The Woods is an entry for the February 2024 MAGS competition "Into the Woods" by noblonski. Check out the other entries and vote for your favourite in the MAGS thread.

Please also let me know if you have any comments, feedback or bug reports!

AGS database entry
Game's website
MAGS February 2024 "Into the Woods"


Please tell Brian that I applaud his artistic vision immensely.

Also, that was the most hilarious thing I've played in a while.


Yes, a mark of quality!
This was a funny game with funny and good riddles. I enjoyed it. Hope you get from McDonalds what you asked for  :grin:


Lisergic and nostalgic, I approve!


I spent a long time talking to trees just to get all the jokes. I applaud the auteur's fight against proper punctuation and hope his sponsors will come through!  (laugh)

Great humour and even a decent puzzle at the end. Good stuff!


Thanks everyone for your kind words, no doubt they will go straight to Brian's head. No word on the sponsorship yet. Brian was threatening to go down to his local McDonalds with a USB stick but I think I talked him out of it.

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