Dread Mac Farlane - Version 2 - Episode 1

Started by Marion, Sun 18/02/2024 14:45:22

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The first episode of my "Dread Mac Farlane" remake is available ! :)
Visual Novel / RPG / Point & click adventure game based on the universe of "Peter Pan" from James  Barrie.

Adaptation of my french comic book "Dread Mac Farlane". Remake of the first adaptations available on the "Old Games Compilations" page.

Help a young woman from the XVIIIth Caribbean, who grown up with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, to become a pirate on Captain Hook galleon !

This game is divided into several short episodes, which will be available as they progress, alternating with episodes of other games to be discovered on my Itch page. Subscribe now so you don't miss a single episode!

This game uses characters created with "The Sims 4" for purely creative purposes, and is in no way affiliated with Electronic Arts.


I played these. I had a plan to only play one today, but it was hard to stop, especially with the cliffhanger ending of episode 2!

For those not familiar with the lore, Marion is basically retelling the story of Dread in different formats. So the story stays the same, with small variations. This also leads to less opportunities for branching than in other VN games. While there are interactive choices to make, like what to look at or what to say next, this is first and foremost a reading experience with pretty pictures and fitting pirate music.

(The pictures are not just pretty. They are frame them and hang them on your wall pretty, especially the ones from underwater.)

While the point and click earlier version of this story is quite experimental on how the story time jumps back and forth throughout the narrative, this one stays chronological. Instead, the point of view may differ, and we end up making choices for several characters, both friends and foes. This gives us the opportunity to better understand the characters and their raison d'etre, while it's at the same time limiting, as giving free choice for actions would lead to too much branching for the story to stay on track.

I'm on board for the rest of Dread's story.


Thank you very much, Heltenjon ♥ I hope you will enjoy what's coming next !

Episode 4 is available ! :)



Episode 6 is online ! :)
This episode contains mature scenes. You can choose between the original game or the censored version.


�Episode 8 is online ! :)
This episode contains mature scenes. You can choose between the original game or the censored version.


DREAD MAC FARLANE, episode 11 online! The story is now complete. You can also download all 11 episodes as a single ZIP file :)


Those who prefer can now enjoy the story in PDF, with the comics version :)

Both english and french !

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