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Started by Khris, Thu 13/02/2014 01:08:22

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Well, somebody was eventually going to do it I guess, so I thought "why not me?" :-D

Floaty Rog'


Graphics based on this: click
Gameplay based on Flappy Bird.

Click the mouse to give the shuttle an upwards thrust and avoid crashing into the cups.
If you get to 20 or more points, you can submit your score to this: Highscore Table
Just enter your name, then press enter or click the rankings button.
Press Play to try again, Escape or Q to quit anytime.
Press H to view highscores in game.


haha, sneaky floaty!
I already have a highscore of 5. The only thing where I see room for improvement is the button you have to click when there is a gameover. I don't move the mouse anyways while playing so why move it to the button, just make everything clickable. Especially since the cursor ALWAYS appears below the button so my arm subtely moves foreward a bit with every new game which is awkward.
Cool parallaxing desert!


Thanks Khris, you now have blood on your hands cos i flipped out. Still worth it though.


All in a day's work (literally) :-D

selmiak: I earlier had the game restart immediately after clicking the button (now you need another click), so you could say moving the mouse cursor away (which I do just before showing the GUI) is redundant. One might still accidentally hit any button though, and this is always bad UI design. Especially the submit button should not be hit on accident. And you are free to move the mouse back down a bit as soon as the game has started :)


but you can make it block all clicks when there is a submit button and otherwise just clickety click.

Wow, play this game for 10 minutes in fullscreen on a big monitor and then close it and feel like on drugs when your brain still has this moving pattern going on. Or am I on drugs and things are actually moving?

Hey, I just submitted my highscore and it's not appearing in the list. What's up?


The score is submitted by the game opening a URL. Did that happen?

Edit: just submitted a score of 21.


yes, firefox opened the highscore table and my firewall didn't even complain about potentially sending out data :P


No, it's just GET data. It redirects immediately though so you don't get to see the full URL :)
Nothing in the game or the web page should depend on this being run from my computer. I'll wait for somebody else to confirm this bug.

Edit: tested submission URL from my mobile via mobile network, did work fine. The game does use the ags_shell plugin to run rundll32.exe, but if you did see the highscore table, it should have opened the URL... weird. The game crashing is also not cool. Maybe it has something to do with Admin rights...?

Edit2: agser.me is currently down for me.


While I made the highscore I couldn't close the game with ESC but had to close the task. Maybe this caused the bug? After restarting closing with esc works again.

edit: submitted another highscore and still nada, but could close the game with ESC :(

Peder 🚀

I love it! :grin:

However, with the current system you use to store the score, as you can see it's easily exploitable http://khris.agser.me/floatyrog/index.php, all you really have to do is stop the browser before it finish loading the link, and tada! you can change the score! And then also got the link to add more scores with whatever name/score you want :O.


Despite every ounce of common sense I possess, I just have to try this.

(Hmm... I am about as bad at this game is it gets.  Can barely score 2 or 3!)


I did not even work my way up to 2 before giving up in anger. I missed the original Flappy Bird phenomenon, but when I say I hate you for making this game, Khris, I am only 95% joking.


Quote from: Eric on Fri 14/02/2014 16:10:03
when I say I hate you for making this game, Khris, I am only 95% joking.

Yeah, this game sucks!  Let's everybody abuse Khris on Twitter. (roll)

Seriously, I only got to 3 once, 2 a couple of times, and my average score before giving up was probably <1.  Just where are the hardcore gamers these days?!?!


It's really funny watching someone else play this btw, a friend did yesterday and he was cursing the entire time :-D

Peder: yeah, I realized it's pretty easy to "hack" the highscore table if you have a slow connection. When I tested this the original URL disappeared so fast I didn't think it was a huge problem. And I didn't want to spend five days learning how to code a plugin, so for now, the highscore table is based on the honor system :)

And a little gameplay hint: try maneuvering slightly below the hole just before you reach it.


Nice work! Khris, if you're interested, I have recently used Wyz' Sockets plugin to send POST data to a PHP script of my dkh.agser.me address. I would gladly show you how that works if you want to update your game and make it a bit harder to fake scores (still very much possible with the use of a Network sniffer). :p


Thanks, I got ambitious and figured out how to do it myself :)

The game uses a Socket now and thus doesn't open a browser any longer to post the highscore. Unless you don't care, please re-download :)


Hi Khris,

any chance of putting a copy on another server? Google won't open because invalid certificate.




I've added a mirror on MEGA: http://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/site/games/game/1770/mirror/
Not sure how Google is involved, the file is hosted on my dropbox. If you're talking about Chrome, check your computer's date and time settings. If they got reset to 1970 due to an empty BIOS battery, every certificate will look as if expired.


Cheers Khris,

have downloaded ;)

Date and time correct.



i tried again and again and no submitted highscore. I block referers in firefox, are you checking referers from the redirected site? I turned this off and it didn't help but sometime turning this off is not that effective in effectively turning it off.

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