Flow Problem (retro puzzle game)

Started by CaptainD, Wed 27/03/2024 14:16:52

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I'm not likely going to have time to develop this any further and since the game itself is fully playable with 20 levels plus random level generator, I've released it. It's a fun little puzzle game, absolutely no frills (also no sound), but beating all the levels should give you a solid challenge.

For those who've played Snow Problem this is obviously a similar concept, but with water, and levels built on equations instead of hand-crafted. I struggled to optimise the code enough for a realistic water flow effect, but I don't think it's too bad.




That is amazing! Watching the column rise while the timer ticks down is nerve-wracking, nice job!

I noticed that when you have unlocked a bunch of levels, then replay one of the first ones and beat it again, the game still always unlocks the next locked level. So it looks like you can just beat level 1 over and over again to unlock every level?


Thanks Khris! Glad you enjoyed it.

Aurgh no it shouldn't do that, I need to add another check. Thanks for letting me know!

EDIT - v1.01 released which fixes the issue. Also added visual cue when you pass the 80% mark to beat the level.


It's quite fun and the gameplay feels different from Snow Problem. The "preparation" stage is a bit short for me, I wouldn't mind a bit more time to set the level, before the floodgates open.
Congrats on another non-adventure built with AGS!


I may consider adding a tiny bit more to the timing if a few people ask for it, but I'm a bit reluctant to as it's inherently a large part of the challenge.

Ramon has posted an image of getting 100% on every level apart from the final one (99% on that one)and Lukasz has posted similar scores for many levels, so it's definitely possible. I do feel having a mouse compared to a trackpad makes a massive difference to the playability of this (and Snow Problem), not sure if that's affecting you.

EDIT - Ramon is officially the first person to 100% complete every level!! Congrats Ramon!

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