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Started by HandsFree, Mon 27/02/2017 18:05:34

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You are a Gateway prospector travelling to other worlds in search of alien technology.
But when Gateway scientists examine one of your findings they discover the terrible secret behind the vanished Heechee civilization. It's up to you to ensure the same fate doesn't strike earth.

Legend's Gateway is a game from 1992 and in its original form you had to either type commands or pick words from a list to construct them. This may have put off players, like myself, who might enjoy the story and puzzles, but prefer point & click gameplay.

So here's your chance to try out 'Gateway' point & click.
- remake of the full game in the more visual style of the later Legend games
- point & click interface
- larger graphics
- no dying
- no dead ends
- new sounds
- new additional music

The story and puzzles are unchanged, except for some minor modifications resulting from the new, visual, style of gameplay.

Thanks to morganw for testing.

Download the game here:

Hope you like it.

Version 1.1 is now available with new gui graphics by Arcangelo Bonaparte.


Screenshots from the original game:

Amayirot Akago

Fantastic :) I've never played the original Gateway so I might just try this instead.
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I make Amayirot Akago's words, mine... :-D

And congrats on finishing and releasing the game! (nod)
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I also haven't played the original or any of the Legend Entertainment games, to be honest. Their user interfaces always looked a bit intimidating and this sort of remake might be just the thing to get me into them. Well done on releasing this!

Two Tales

The original with it's big list of commands would definately put me off. It looks like a chore that I would not have the patience for these days. Your remake with a simpler interface definately entices me to play it.


You got this finished?! Awesome and huge congratz! I can't wait to play!


Looks great - and an amazing job rebuilding this!


Wow :shocked: that comes as a surprise! I've always wanted to play the Gateway-games. That's the best reason to do so. Thank you very much! :)


Thanks everyone.  :)
Let me know what you think once you tried it.


Neat!  Never played the original Gateway (though I did play its sequel, Gateway II: Homeworld).

One GUI style remake I would like to someday see (and play) is a GUI style remake of another Legend game, Eric the Unready.

But anyway, nice work here.


How do you make a call to a box number such ask BOX 1234?


Quote from: mkennedy on Wed 01/03/2017 09:09:52
How do you make a call to a box number such ask BOX 1234?
You can't make a call to a PO box, only to a regular phone number.
Quote from: DBoyWheeler on Wed 01/03/2017 00:38:07
One GUI style remake I would like to someday see (and play) is a GUI style remake of another Legend game, Eric the Unready.
I only played a bit of Eric the Unready (due to the difficult interface) but that would be a good candidate for a remake I think. But that's probably true for all Legend games.


Hello, congratulations on the release. I am trying to get the game to run on full screen, but no matter what options I use I can't get it to work. Is it possible?


The game is 16-bit and apparently on some newer systems thats a problem when trying full screen. My laptop is 1.5 years old and gives no problems though.
I became aware of this a few weeks ago, but when switching to 32-bit AGS asks me to reimport all graphics so I gave up on that idea.
I started this project about 5 years ago, and at that time it was not a problem, as far asI know.

However, I did a quick test this morning and it looks like it works without all the reimporting, but I have to play the game through in full to be sure (I'm afraid some fonts might give problems).
If all works ok, I'll post a new 32-bit version soon. I can't test the full screen properly though, cause it already works fine on my laptop.

In the mean time: if anyone finds something that could be corrected in a next version, let me know.


Thank you for the reply. After some trial & error, I got it to run in full screen by running it as administrator and setting the executable's properties to 640x480 resolution.

Crimson Wizard

You may also try using different graphics driver in winsetup, or set 16-bit display mode in your monitor properties.


It runs fine in wine on the iMac.
Congratulations on finishing this. It must have been quite the task!

Monsieur OUXX

I'm playin git. It's really cool. I'll use this post as a placeholder for bug reports


1. Proofreading : "it's Earth-normal atmosphere" should be "its Earth-normal atmosphere"


Quote from: tsa on Mon 13/03/2017 11:38:03
It runs fine in wine on the iMac.
Congratulations on finishing this. It must have been quite the task!
Thanks. Good to know cause I don't have a mac.
Yes, I quite underestimated the amount of work on this one. It's much bigger than Black Sect.

@Monsieur OUXX:
That's strange. It's like that in the original game, but it looks wrong indeed.


In case you missed it Gateway was featured on the AdventureGamers "Following Freeware" section:

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