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Started by fernewelten, Fri 02/04/2021 23:15:34

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Hello Folks,

Easter is just around the corner, and so I've got an Easter adventure for you.

Huggles goes on a trip

Huggles and his mum are rabbits that are living peacefully in a bunny meadow. But when they try to sell their eggs this year, they run into a snag. Huggles needs to rise above himself to save the day ...

  • Fight with a strange lock
  • go on a boating trip
  • outwit a guard
and help Huggles help his mother to sell her Easter eggs!

(Note that the screenshot above isn't a spoiler â€" your lock will be dynamically generated and have different tiles.)

Standard BASS interface (right-click: examine things; left-click: interact with things).
Get the inventory through the top-left "hamburger" button or tapping the "i" key.

Note that the hotspot of the cursor is Huggles' nose. Helpful if you need to target something tiny on-screen.

I don't have a Linux box, so I've only tested the Windows version.
Download the game here:
(A Windows and a Linux version is available.)

Hints and tips thread:

Have fun playing, and merry Easter!

Newest update

Version 2.01

  • Fixed some small bugs
  • Uploaded the game to Gamejolt.


This game is worth playing for the lock puzzle alone! Great stuff!  (nod)



Hm, I see the pictures even though I have strict privacy settings in my browser. They are hosted on a different server. Perhaps you can click "show graphics"?

Nice game, currently I am at the barrier. The explanations and excuses of the guard are hilarious!


Quote from: arj0n on Sat 03/04/2021 17:58:50
The images don't show...

I don't quite know why because the images do show for me.

This might be a http:// versus https:// thing. The internet addresses of the graphics begin with "http://" not "https://".
The https:// addresses should work now as well.
Download the Windows game at
Download the Linux game at

I've converted all the graphics addresses in my original posting to https:// as well. Drop me a note if they still don't show properly.


Was a funny little game, I enjoyed it. The tasks were interesting and not the solutions too obvious. Well done.


Update: I've revamped my download server, and Huggles has moved to a new destination (cf. the updated post at the start of the thread).


Update: I've put some short notes about the planning process that led to this game here


Uploaded a new version (1.1)

  • Added the Credits room
  • Customized GUIs for save, restore, quit game
  • Ported to AGS4

Download the game here:


Uploaded a new, extended version.

  • The bunny meadow (the first proper "room") nearly hadn't had any riddles before. This has changed, and it has got two added side rooms, too.
  • Swapped "walk" and "clickable" cursors so that it's hopefully a bit easier to click on specific locations.

Download the extended game here:


Great! This is one of my favourite Fernewelten-games! (Hope it appears in the database when Easter comes around again.)


Version 2.0.1

  • Fixed some small bugs
  • Uploaded the game to Gamejolt.

Download the game here (NEW download location):


Nice fleshing out of level one. A bit of a pixel hunt, but doable. It's slightly harder when the rabbit head is the mouse pointer, because I don't know exactly where the action point is. (The nose?) Loved the seat behind the wagon!

But level two is still my favourite in this game.


Forgotten to report that the game is in the AGS Database now.

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