Hell's Puppy - GGJ19 - Win, Linux, Android

Started by eri0o, Mon 28/01/2019 12:17:16

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Hell's Puppy

Windows Download | Linux Download | Android on Google Play | Source Code | Android Studio Project | Global Game Jam Webpage

Hey everyone, this weekend was Global Game Jam and we made an AGS Game in under 48h, in a bar! It's not a common point and click but can be played with mouse input. It plays better with left and right arrows!

art:: Gabriel Fernandes - bakudas - Ricardo Juchem
code:: Erico Porto
gamedesign:: Marcel - bakudas - team
audio:: Maurício Munky

Expect bugs! Here are some game screenshots


Looks really good. From the screenshots alone I have absolutely no clue what the gameplay could be like, though.


The art has piqued my interest.
I'll probably download and play this game later today.  :-D

Crimson Wizard

I got stuck at the level with "reddish" enviroment (shown at the second screenshot).

After I killed last postman the bone glitched through the floor and dissapeared, and game could not progress.


Right, this is a race condition I need to solve, ideally I need to move all collisions checks to either repeatedly execute or repeatedly execute always, right now is mixed because some blocking event on the enemy or bone I think.

Game is saved everytime the level loads and you can load the save using the go back button on top left - today we can't reset the current room, so this is my fake reset.

You can also ctrl+x and just go to whatever room you want.

I used Khris alternative Keyboard, Crimson Wizard Timer Module, FakeScreen (I don't remember the author), Agsblend (maybe Calin Leafshade? I forgot the author), and the amazing Tween module from Edmundito (the cards are done with Tween).

Everything is a character and things receive a changeroom to a TRASH room, when destroyed. When I need to spawn something, I pick things back from the trash room if possible. If you guys are curious about something, ask me and I will try to explain.


Fun little game :-D Not bad for two days of work!

I needed a minute or two to figure out that I had to get the bones back to the basement  ;) I didn't encounter any bugs though.


Looks cool eri0o!  (nod)
no wonder you vanished.  (laugh)
Think I'll try the android version later today.

BTW, a little extra detail and you could have joined MAGS as well (2 or the 3 requirements are already done... made with AGS and in january... all you need is for it to fit the topic ;).
There are those who believe that life here began out there...


I had fun!


And I managed to avoid the bugs by playing good and skilled ;) 8-)


@Selmiak thanks for recording it! I added  your video to the game README.

@Cassiebsg I just noticed that I think I never participated in a MAGS... Gotta do it this year!

@Matti Yeah, I didn't noticed that we didn't tell the player in any way how to play, but somehow people eventually seem to figure out, which is kinda crazy. It's like old NES games that made no sense but then made some xD


Fun little game! I also got stuck in the same room as Crimson Wizard and had to reset a few times. Good concept!

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