Jonah's Place [MAGS game]

Started by Kasander, Wed 05/09/2012 21:03:32

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Kasander presents

Jonah's Place
a one room adventure game

See that poor little girl in pink dress? She found herself trapped, all alone, in this strange, unfamiliar place. A place most unsuitable for little girls... Can you help her find a way out?

Jonah's Place was brought to you by:

Kasander: screenplay, art, animation
ddq: coding
Kevin McLeod [of]: music

file size: 13 MB

IMPORTANT: This game runs in 1024x768 resolution. Therefore it won't run on small screen monitors (like 800x600).

I hope you'll enjoy the game, or at least, some aspects of it. If so, let me know! Cheers! :)

PS: My sincere thanks goes to the one and only ddq. Without him, I'd be lost... just like a like a little girl inside a giant whale ;) 
PS2: This is my very first AGS game. It was made for January MAGS (theme: pub). At the beginning, I'd planned full-lenght (10 rooms) game, but as the deadline was approaching, I had to scale it down. I've abandoned the overblown script and all the rooms except one. So for the last two days, me and ddq concentrated on making this one room playable (and hopefully, enjoyable). That's all, folks. Now go on and try it!


The art style is very interesting, will try this out.

EDIT: Finished. Very charming game.
I found 2 bugs though:
- when you remove the spider, if you close the trap door and then open it, the spider will reappear
- while the monsters are singing, you can take the hook at least twice and it'll be in the inventory two times as well
I don't want the world, I just want your half


Hey, congratulations on finally getting this one out! I'm proud to have worked on it and more than glad to help out.


Kudos go to you as well ddq. There weren't any major changes since we've finished working on it. I'm sorry for such a long delay. As they say, "life happened" (it still does) ;) But I guess better to upload it late than never. Thanks for everything. If I'll ever be in need for a coder again, yo're my first choice, man! ;)


Looks very cool. You should post about this in the MAGS thread too.  :smiley:


Thanks Ponch! But where can I find this MAGS thread? (You don't mean January MAGS thread, do you?) I've checked the forum twice and somehow still can't find it :/


Here it is, although it's locked now. Really nice to see this rereleased. You don't often see AGS games with graphics like this, in a good way!


Yeah, I saw the closed thread already. Anyway, thanks for the compliments Atelier;) Perhaps I should add that I've drawn few more rooms (I think 5 or 6) back then in January, but I still haven't got time to work on it since. Honestly, I don't know if I'll ever will. It was meant to be a full-lenght game. I guess it would take about 2-3 months to complete (working more or less daily). Unfortunately, I have very little time to spare nowadays :/ I wish I could make the full lenght version one day, but honestly, I doubt it.

Thanks a lot for playing and for pointing out these bugs! If I'll ever make this game into a full-lenght feature, I'll make sure they won't reappear :) PS: Sorry it took me so long to reply :/

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