Released.. The Hobbit: Rise of the Dragon King

Started by Slasher, Wed 01/07/2015 18:38:08

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This is an adventure Boardgame based around Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

It is a practice project that i wanted to do and no more.... It has gaps for additional features and improvements.

It is fully playable and if you want to pass away a few minutes playing a boardgame, with tumbler, die, and a variety of cards to pick up, then why not give it a play?...

If you like Troll's, Goblin's, Warg's etc etc then they are in this game.

Can you get to the Black Tower and rescue Princess Mika Milovana of Dale from the clutches of wizard gone bad Saruman?

800 x 600
16 bitcolor

Happy playing ;)


...and the winner of the light speed AGSer goes to...

Congrats slaher :-D this will surely be my weekend well spent (laugh)


Fun game, Slasher, I've finished it.
Some spoilers:
it is just luck based, there are no choices involved - if you try to make a game like this again, you could add some kind of choices to the player; it makes things more fun - this is just a suggestion from me
But it was nice nevertheless.

Also, you should fix that sentence at start when Gandalf says "Welcome young, *inserthobbitname*" to be "Welcome, young *inserthobbitname*". ^^

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