The Visitor 3

Started by NickyNyce, Fri 10/04/2015 00:42:18

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Loved it. Cracking game and a splendid use of AGS. Very funny, great puzzles, lovely music, some gorgeous artwork, especially all the creatures and tentacles. Can't think of a single flaw (apart from that one typo I was going to mention but swiftly forgot about because I was too busy having fun).

Well done, Nicky.


Thanks everyone. It was fun making this one although it took me forever to do so. My testers deserve a lot of credit for helping to make this more enjoyable. And a big thanks to Problem for taking the time to do the music.


I've been busy (a lot) during last months, so I played this game little bits after little bits.
Finally I finished it and loved it!
I must say that playing it slowly helped me to go deep in it and to love it!!! I became so attached to the characters (and oh man you did a great job with multiple characters).
I think that this is ur masterpiece.


Hi i completed your was awesome...used walkthrough for your first game and a bit for your second (moss series)

Keep up the goood work :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:

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