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Started by Stupot, Sat 18/04/2015 14:23:18

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Much of my spare time over the past two weeks has been spent making a game for Adventure Jam and MAGS on the theme of 'Sleeping'.

That game is 'Power Nap'.

Join our intrepid hero, Greg, on a quest for the perfect power nap. Twenty minutes of pure bliss awaits. Only trouble is, the boss is cracking down on nappers. Can you get a decent power nap without getting fired?

The game features hand-painted watercolours that I think are a notable improvement over those of Hen Man. There are also two endings based on a decision made earlier in the game. Also featuring is an awesome song I found on the Free Music Archive called 'Nap' by a band called Wimps. They are my new favourite band and you should check them out.

Gorgeous hand-painted title screen

Gorgeous hand-painted inventory

Gorgeous photo-realistic photocopier

640x400 32-bit colour

I think that's about it...

Oh wait...

Download .Zip Here
The AGS game page is here (although at the moment it just refers to the same Gamejolt page): http://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/site/games/game/1912/
And you can even vote for it here (if you want): http://jams.gamejolt.io/adventurejam/games/power-nap/58788

Please enjoy it. And as always, feedback is gratefully received :-)


Nice game Stupot!
I have just finished it. I really like the puzzles for this one, way better than Hen man (I remember Hen man had a pixel hunt puzzle, which this game didn't have, for example). Funny and unique idea, I wonder how did you come up with something like that... :=

One thing, though, that I could comment on, as a negative aspect, was that sound when the game is launched - I had my speakers turned on high volume, this is all I will say. (wrong) (laugh)
I've voted on GameJolt for you. Good luck, and may the force be with you.


Hahaha sounds like the story of my life...Can't wait to check it out!


ahaha What a nice idea!
I'll play it asap!



Funny game! Embarrassed to say it took me a while to stop the drilling :-[

Really love the style of your work Stu :-D


Casual and sophisticated... What kept everything so well together for me was your use of words: clean, well balanced, well timed and in tune with the flow of the game. I think it's exemplary! What I wasn't comfortable with was the music and I felt that an introductory cut-scene would have been helpful in moving the player quicker pass the familiarizing with the environment over to the action part. Thank you for Power Nap and please take into consideration the possibility of translating its style to a long game made from such intense, short interconnected episodes :)


Thanks for the nice comments, folks. I'm glad people are even playing it, all the better if they are enjoying it too.

Thanks for the feedback too. If I have time, I may make a few adjustments for a separate MAGS version, but I'm not too comfortable with changing the Gamejolt version until voting there has finished (even though some people have been doing that). For example, I would make an on/off toggle for the music. Also, I left a couple of test saves in the compiled version which I'm gagging to delete. Other than that I'd like to refine the writing a bit (Monoploy?) and add some interaction responses that I overlooked.

But overall, I'm chuffed with the result and had a great time making it :-D


Great little game Stupot+! I managed to get through it with only one hint from the walkthrough :) I gave you a vote on #adventurejam as well.

P.S. I'm also a little unsure of the format of the jam and the rules, half of the games aren't even finished either :~(
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I like your 'gorgeous hand-painted' backgrounds a lot. Great art style. The puzzles are fun and way better than in Hen Man. No more pixelhunting, yay!
The music fits the theme very well. It really, really, REALLY becomes quite, err, distracting after a while, though. ;)

Neat little game. It's the perfect size for a short break. (That is, if you don't want to take a nap instead, of course.) :)



Yes, very fun! The first "puzzle" I solved was stopping that drill. I didn't know the point of the game yet, or where I was or anything, but dear God I figured out how to stop that drill right away. It was very true to life. :)
The music cracked me up, as did the dialog. Great MAGS adventure.


Thanks again for the positive comments. You're all very kind. ;-D

I didn't get around to uploading the aforementioned updates before the MAGS deadline, but I'll do that after the voting period. So the MAGS and #AdventureJam versions are still the same.


Just played all endings...Absolutely brilliant mate!!!

My favorite part was:

The mystery drama between yourself getting caught "cheating" by your girlfriend...That was hilarious!!!

Seeya tomorrow!!!


There are just six hours left to vote in the Adventure Jam, so if you've got a spare twenty minutes, consider playing Power Nap and voting: http://jams.gamejolt.io/adventurejam/games/power-nap/58788

Or why not check out some of the other games in the Jam including fellow MAGS entrants Blind to Siberia and Somnamulizer.



Played, commented and rated. Well done Stupot: That's just how power naps play out in real life (nod)


Thanks to all the people who have played Power Nap so far. Feedback has been generally very positive and I'm happy people are enjoying it.

Version 1.1 addresses the one or two of the issues people had. Here is a list of fixes:

  • Added ability to toggle music on/off (by pressing 'M')
  • Added/tweaked some hotspots
  • Added some responses to some previously unhandled interactions
  • Fixed a couple of typos
In other news, Power Nap got a little mention in AdventureGamers' Following Freeware for April (http://www.adventuregamers.com/articles/view/28729). The article also features quite a few more AGS and Adventure Jam games, so do check it out.

As a final note, if you have played the game and enjoyed it (or not), please rate/comment and spread the word. I'd be very grateful.

Thanks very much.


I really enjoyed this game. As noted by others, the graphics are very pleasing, the puzzles and story are funny and delightful. This is a well done short game.

The music, as annoying as it is, just somehow fit the game and I did not disable it.

One thing to improve:

I forgot what the rubber band was after it went into inventory. As an aside, there's quite a large number of inventory items for a short game with just one (big) room. It was hard to tell what the rubber band was from the picture.

Perhaps consider a hover-over description or an "eye" icon as part of the inventory screen to make items more identifiable.

Otherwise, fun and good game!



Thanks for the kind feedback, Shadow :-)

I deliberately got rid of the 'look' button in the inventory to save time on having to write individual descriptions of all the inventory items. I guess that (or a mouseover description) is something I could add to a future version but it might not be worth it now. Definitely something I'll include in any future project, though. :-)

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