Reality on the Norm: Reality Check

Started by Retro Wolf, Fri 04/01/2013 22:19:37

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Retro Wolf


A new Reality on the Norm game!
Meet Retail worker Paul as he teams up with RON favourites to defeat David Hasselhoff!
Paul is new to Reality but quickly secured a part time job at Yahtzeebrand. He hates his employer, and his coworker; and has little direction in life.
Journey through the town of Reality, a secret underground lair, and the afterlife!

Previous RON experience will help you understand the story better, but not required.

There's a few serious, naughty words in there but they are rare.

Download here.


This is my first completed AGS project. I've been a member for a few years, but i've mainly been playing around with Game Maker.


Holy cow, a new RON game!  ;-D ;-D ;-D

Downloading now!

EDIT: That's weird. I clicked to download it and it told me I had already downloaded it.  :confused:


Sweet, a new RON game!  Downloading!!



Fun little game. It has some of the usual hiccups you'd expect from a first game, but it also has some funny jokes, a couple of very nice sight gags, and good use of the regular RON cast and locations. The new guy doesn't feel shoved in at all. I hope to see more of Paul's retail adventures in the future.  ;-D

Retro Wolf

Almost a month and i've got 120 downloads on game jolt. There are certainly games out there with more downloads, but it feels good to know that my work exists on so many people's computers (and hopefully some of them liked it). I started the project for Reality Check 2 yesterday, I plan to keep making Reality Check games while I still have ideas!

It's also worth mentioning that this was the first Reality on the Norm game in a year, we need more people working on RON games!

Also thanks for the feedback!


Had my eyes on this one right away but only got round to playing it yesterday. Thank you for bringing some life (and more...) to Reality!

It's easy, perhaps a bit too easy, and relatively short - but that didn't stop me from being entertained throughout, alternating between grins and laughs at the dialogues, the crazy story and the great use of the RON cast! I have to say it was great for me to see Llamaman and the dastardly Hoff back (I'm the guy behind 'Defender of RON').

I really liked it and am hoping that this is a sign of more to come... as in both more Oldschool Wolf RON games and more RON games in general!


Retro Wolf

Game updated to version 1.1.
Just some minor improvements to make the game less annoying to play. Thanks to DarkWater for pointing things out to me.
Also updated Bednaux's sprites to match his appearance in RC2 and 3, don't know what I was thinking with that hairstyle!


It's really great game, I like it. :)

Retro Wolf


weird, i came across reailty check and i'm downloading now,then you talk about making version 2.
then at the bottom of the page is version 2 and 3.
Did you make the follow ups in  five minutes!?

Retro Wolf

RC 1 was an on/off project for 6 months, RC 2 took a month, RC 3 less than a month.

The reasons the games where made so quickly are:
- 90% of the art was already done, freely available from the Reality on the Norm community website.
- When I'm not making games, I'm thinking about making games. So I know exactly what I'm doing by the time I sit down with my laptop.
- I like to keep things as simple as possible.
- I sometimes get a bit lazy and cut corners!
- Originally it was just going to be Reality Check 2, It ended up being split into two games because of the amount of story I wanted.
- RC2 isn't really that long.
- I had some time off work when i made RC3, and went to bed late.

Hope you enjoy the game!

Retro Wolf

After fellow AGS user Adeel notified me about something silly I'd left in the game, I decided to go back and add some polish.

Before, a couple of areas had background items that should have been clickable. I've added some more character comments/observations.
This should have been done before the game was finished, perhaps I was a bit too eager to release the game. A mistake I do not intend to repeat.

If you've already played the first episode of the Reality Check Trilogy, there's nothing major to see (unless you feel like playing it again ;) ).


Is this related to the other reality/hasslehoff game where he tries to destroy/takeover(can't remember exactly!)the

Retro Wolf

All Reality on the Norm games are connected!

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