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Started by Danvzare, Thu 19/09/2019 18:24:10

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Click here to download.

Reality-on-the-Norm is a game series where anyone can make a game. This is my installment.

Set in a slightly different dimension to the other RON games, Reality-in-the-Norm follows David Jones at the end of a treasure hunt. See completely different versions of old characters, as well some new ones, as you get to witness a completely different take of Reality.

Now with voice acting, courtesy of the text-to-speech synthesis program


  • Sierra interface: left-click to perform action, right-click to change action.
  • F5 to open save menu, F7 to open load menu.
  • Contains strong language.
  • Completable in under two hours.
  • Voice over by a text-to-speech program.

320 x 200
32 bit color

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I played this game and I really enjoyed it. I spent most of the time laughing; it's an absolute hoot! Puzzles were entertaining and logical enough to solve without help.

Well done!


Ultimate Game Solutions - Because there is a solution for everything

Retro Wolf

Puzzles were well designed for the most part, I was able to solve with a little nudge or two from the hint and tips section. A few "quality of life" improvements and polish could be done, but it is a complete experience.

Not an official entry into the RON universe, it is set in an alternate Reality (well how many alternate timelines does Marvel have?). Danzvare has made good use of the RON assets to make a funny and entertaining little game. Well done Danny!


Thanks everyone for your words of praise. Knowing people played and enjoyed it, makes the effort all the worth while.  :-D

Quote from: Retro Wolf on Fri 20/09/2019 20:26:23
Not an official entry into the RON universe, it is set in an alternate Reality (well how many alternate timelines does Marvel have?).
Not official until someone makes a crossover at least.  ;)

Quote from: Retro Wolf on Fri 20/09/2019 20:26:23
A few "quality of life" improvements and polish could be done
Could I have a list please.  :-D
It would be useful to know for future games.

Retro Wolf

Being able to use the walk command to leave areas, as well as interact.
Talking to the policeman, there's a lot of dialogue options that would kick you out of the conversation and you'd have to start again.
Being able to interact with the phone without using change (as long as you have the change in the inventory and used them at least once) nit-picky maybe.

I did have a couple more but I can't remember.


Oh, I forgot to mention: I was really impressed with interactions and combinations having very specific messages rather than the generic "why would I do that?" or "not going to happen". I realize that it takes a lot more effort to explain why it doesn't make sense especially for a small project like this.


I've just finished the game and must say it's been a full hour of laughter and enjoyment.
Never played a RON game before (frankly speaking, still not quite sure what it is), but I found that one to be incredibly funny and enjoyable.


Maybe the joke with the kid and the poo was a bit too much but I guess it's a matter of opinion.

The biggest plus for me were the puzzles, which seemed reasonable to me. Also, I really liked the fact that when I was trying to combine or use certain inventory elements, the character would always give a hint to put me on the right track. I think that's the reason why I didn't get stuck playing that game.

I really nice way to start a weekend : )


It was great to play a Reality-on-the-Norm game again after such a long pause, thanks for that.

I kind of like the look of this RON style and Eric Matyas makes great music, so it was quite pleasing both visually and aurally. A few puzzles required some logical leaps and slightly unintuitive connections, but mostly they were good and a couple of them I found particularly satisfying, there was also a nice balance of variety. Writing was decent enough, a fair amount of funny stuff, but sometimes a bit too random or unfocused.

I agree with Retro Wolf's "quality of life" suggestions and I would've probably also liked some sort of basic options screen and maybe better defined room exits for some screens.

Overall, an enjoyable gaming experience and hopefully you'll have time and motivation to create more such games (either RON or non-RON) in the future.


Another RotN game (almost)!
Fits perfectly with the style of the old games, so good job there.
I really enjoyed it. Very funny and just tricky enough (I had to look up one puzzle on the hints and tips forum).
Good stuff! More please!
Still waiting for Purity of the Surf II


As the leaves turn orange and the evening air begins to cool off, how nice to have a RON game to play.  :cheesy:

This was a fun outing and gave me a nice sense of (mostly) nostalgia. I had to check the hint thread once or twice, but that's to be expected. Nice job!


I know it's been two years, but I've made an update to this game.
I've fixed a few spelling errors here and there, but the major change is the inclusion of voice acting... well, sort of.

In somewhat of an experiment, I've used a text-to-speech program called which uses machine learning to try and create realistic text-to-speech using recorded lines from TV shows and games. When I discovered it, I thought it was awesome, and I wondered if it could carry an entire game.

So here it is. It was quite laborious and boring getting all of the lines together, and you can definitely tell it's been done by a program. But I honestly think it sounds quite nice.


A perfect opportunity for me to try this game. It's funny and the difficulty was just right. I like the zany story and the puzzles - only the first one with the map felt forced.

The voices improve the game IMO  :)
They range from impressive / I would never have known the lines are read by a program (the hero, the kid) to artificial but passable (Jacky Furlong, Roger).

Text-to- speech programs went a long way since Mortville Manor.

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