Hydra's Head 2

Started by WeeklyJournaling, Sun 14/07/2024 23:09:31

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Hydra's Head 2 is the next installment of the series.

In this episode Iancu arrives in Klint, where he meets a cast of new characters. Help him carry out his missions inside the town.

The game is finished, but if you guys encounter bugs please let me know!

I'll be working on improving it during the next week.

There is no voice acting, and if the music is too grating turn it off. Music isn't something I'm good at.

Warnings: Some cursing but overall SFW. Appropriate for 12 and up.

Game play time: About 20 minutes

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Story-based Point and click

Art wise, I went in a new direction. I hope to make better backgrounds next game, for now I just wanted to focus on completing it.

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