Romanian Beginner (Romanian)

Started by WeeklyJournaling, Sun 17/03/2024 12:52:34

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This game is made for people who want to learn Romanian and are at an A1-A2 level. It's the first in its series.

The speech is voice acted in Romanian but you do get English translation to match the text in Romanian.

Your name is Chris Spade and you just inherited your grandparents' apartment, so you decide to move to Romania.

It's a point and click exploration game where if you click on an item, you hear a sentence in Romanian about that object.

Game play will take up to an hour for those who click on everything at least once.

It's not complex, there are no puzzles and it's free.

It's rated 12 and up because it has mild swearing.

Link to download from itch:

Hope you guys like it!


Congratulations on the release! Learning languages is fun and useful, and there should be more games for this purpose, in my opinion.


I often work together with colleges from a Romanian department, maybe it's time to actually learn a few words in Romanian :)

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