The Castle

Started by Carles, Thu 18/07/2019 12:32:20

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The Castle

Evil has taken over a small town. But a group of courageous adventurers has decided to organize an expedition to end the feared vampire.


  • Make a team of 3 adventurers of 7 candidates.

  • Each character has its abilities and defects with which it is easier or harder to finish the adventure. Some can be very clumsy ...

  • Watch with the castle guards, do not let yourself get caught!

  • 5 different endings, some are easy and others are extremely difficult, find them all!

  • Point and click adventure

  • Originally written in Spanish and translated into English

  • Powerful last-generation graphics never seen.

Download  new version 1.0.05



That's me, the one who discovered the castle and organized all the expedition. I'm a reporter and a writer for a mystery magazine, in addition to being an enthusiast of horror novels.

Sister Angela:
She left her convent to fight against dark and evil forces. Sister Angela is a senior demon and vampire hunter, since she was trained by the very same Vatican.

The best student of his class, he's got two degrees, three master's degrees and speaks five languages. Now he aims to leave the classrooms and make use of his knowledge in an experience he wants to add to his curriculum.

Agent L:
Member of a highly secret organization who devoted his life to the search of paranormal activites. He's an expert and knows these cases better than anyone.

His father is the boss of a gang of yakuzas. She masters several martial arts and bladed weapons. She didn't think it twice when she was told about a castle inhabited by evil creatures.

She spent all her life reading romantic novels and watching TV shows about vampires. Now it's her oportunity to be bitten on the neck by a vampire and live her own adventure. She got really dressed up for the occasion...

This guy has nothing to do with all this, but he was passing by and decided to come and check what was going on.


  • Moon of Blood - easy
  • Lovers - moderate
  • Stealth Killer - moderate
  • Infernal Punishment - hard
  • Extermination - hard

Warning about dead ends:

You can get stuck if you have too adventurers catched or some dead... so watch out and learn from the mistakes.



This looks amazing!


Played some of this, and I'm REALLY enjoying it!   :cheesy:

Excellent work.   :grin:


WOW!  Am I getting Maniac Mansion flashbacks??  This looks amazing, downloading now!!


Thanks for your comments.

I am in love with the graphic adventures of LucasArts and this game is totally inspired by Maniac Mansion. The game uses the same color palette.

I think the puzzles are logical and coherent. But it is a difficult game, especially because of the possibility of ending up in a dead way.

For any problem that comes out I will be happy to help.


I'm loving the game so far.  VERY gothy-maniac mansion style game.  I'm totally stuck though and will be putting up a post in hints and tips...

Any chance of a walkthrough?    :-D


I'm glad you enjoy the game.

Ok, I will do a guide explaining all possible ways to get to the end of the game, as soon as possible...


There seem to exist some problems with punctuation that is not included in the text font, mainly apostrophes, which there are many but only two kinds seem to really work, namely ' and '.
On another note: I had some trouble to identify some ingredients in the book of changes which could be solved by consulting a Spanish dictionary. Is this intended? Overall the English translation could benefit from being reviewed.
But the game is very good, nonetheless.

Ian Aloser

Congratulations to this great game !!!
Strangely, I cannot run it in full screen mode, is that intended ?

Cheers and keep up the good work


Yes, I have also noticed this. This is because the original game is in Spanish and you are right that it is necessary to review something of the translation. The ingredients of the book should be in English. I do not know why they are not translated ... in the inventory they are. I'll check it, thanks.

About the full screen mode, in the winsetup.exe you can change some settings.

Ian Aloser

Tried all Settings as well as changing the Resolution of my Laptop Display, but to no avail….
Anyway, the game is absolutely great so I can live with that


Upload a new version that fix the problem of the English translation in the ingredients of the recipes.


What a beautiful, quirky, funny and pleasurable experience! I'm not far into the game, but I absolutely love the different characters, the location and the overall crazy nature of the game. In this game even dying is a funny experience! The only thing that would also be great would be different comments, for example if the nun looks at the occult symbols at the beginning, I hoped for some more insight compared to, for example, Bob. Anyway, really well done! :)


Thanks for your comments!!

It is true that in many parts of the game all the characters say the same thing in the hotspots or inventory objects. But in some places the comments are different.

Writing a different comment in each hotspot for the 7 characters is a titanic job ...

I thank you very much for your suggestions and your support!

I've updated the walkthrough with the ending 2.


Yes, I fully understand that it would have been an almost herculean task to put in different reactions for every character. Thank you for the walkthrough, I'm sure I'll need it sooner or later. But for now I'll experiment with the different characters, it's just too much fun. :)


I really like it so far, nice work!


It's an amazing game. When you play, you can see there's a lot of effort put in it. The graphics and all of the sounds are incredible. Very fun game to play, I really recommend it :smiley:

Elvis Tanner

I've played it for about an hour now and I love it!  :grin:  A great homage to Maniac Mansion with beautiful graphics and outstanding characters.


This game is amazing!!!

All the different routes to unlock and puzzles depending on team effort are dizzying to just imagine how intricately this was developed!!!

I've figured out how not to get caught mostly but, save often!!!


Updated to a new version that corrects the problems of apostrophes in the English translation.

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