The future of AGS - part two

Started by Wyz, Sun 15/01/2012 15:27:50

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Time to wrap this topic up!

Quote from: Snarky on Sat 21/01/2012 14:54:05

This wasn't a vote, just a kind of straw poll. I said earlier that the leading PM candidates should give their pitch for how they'd envision their role and plan to manage AGS. If we take the cutoff at half the votes of the highest-ranked candidate, and Darth isn't in the running, we have four front-runners. If I remember correctly, we've heard from monkey and Dave; it would be good to hear what m0ds has to say, and if bicilotti is even interested. Then, maybe they can discuss whether they want to share the responsibility in some way, or whether we need to make it an oppositional contest.

The technical leadership doesn't seem quite so contested. Again using the same approach, maybe Wyz, monkey and Sslaxx can discuss how to divide the responsibilities, and whether one of them should technically have the title of Technical Lead.

I posted a link to a history of ScummVM, which describes how they organized project leadership in their case. My impression is that they always shared responsibility and authority among groups of 2-4 people, even if one of them was technically "in charge". I think that would be a good model to follow.

I think it's fair to say that some things haven't run all that smoothly around here since CJ stopped hanging around (with forums going down on a regular basis and things like that), and so maybe it would be better if stuff like admin access to source repositories, bug trackers etc. weren't only in one person's hand.

Thanks for your sum up and I must say I agree, lets divide the responsibilities over a number of people. There is no need for a supreme authority, heck this project will feel like a side quest compared to what CJ has done over the years. Let's say we need a happy bunch of volunteers to see if we can make it work, no privileges, no responsibilities (except for your own).

m0ds and bicilotti have already been discussing the first position I named. They may be willing to take part in this position (or a more different one, since I described it rather peculiar). As for the second one, I might take part in it, but I'm waiting for the first position to crystallize. So yes, we're getting there. :D

Thanks all for your time! And thanks Snarky for your summary, it was really helpful.
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