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I did, the problem seems to still be there unfortunately. I can do a game capture and post. Edit: Easiest way to "semi understand" what's going on is. Keep tapping your button where the mouseclick is assigned too. It's a millisecond of "that" move that is happening. It does not happen when using the mouse.


eri0o, first off, I think this is great!

Secondly, the plugin I made uses all SDL thingies, including battery and rumble, they should also be implemented!
Once this is succesfully done, I'll make the plugin essentially deprecated!
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So what I am looking into now is the GameController part of the API, this is just to go fast, later I will look into what you mentioned which is in the joystick part of the API.

But keep in mind I am looking at the intersection of this and the engine, this means I am modifying the engine, like, if a cutscene can be skipped by the controller, or a wait, or dialogues and so on, these are the things I am trying to figure out here.

Once that is taken care, then things like button configuration, what a joystick 1 or 2 have different, when this matters, and then we can go to the joystick implementation.


All good, I understand that, I think and again, this is great, this is the right way. MAKE ME OBSOLETE, ERIOO!
Worked on Strangeland, Primordia, Hob's Barrow, The Cat Lady, Mage's Initiation, Until I Have You, Downfall, Hunie Pop, and every game in the Wadjet Eye Games catalogue (porting)


I updated the Editor, it now instead it has a Joystick struct, and the opened Joystick can be a valid Gamepad or not, I haven't yet figure the interface to say which button can skip dialog/speech, but if it's recognized as Xbox360 compatible gamepad, whatever gets the A button is the button that advances dialog. You can also get button, axis or hat by index if you want to do your own non-xbox360 mapping.

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This thread should be updated, there's a slightly different API prepared for merging to AGS 4:


I updated the API in the first post and added links to example project file, downloadeable test game, online test game...

There is a chance some really newer controller doesn't work in some way, but once the SDL2 version is upgraded these will probably be fixed (some joy-con stuff, and some steam deck stuff)


Hey, it would be nice if someone could test this and report their findings.  :P


I just gave this a go. After updating the gamepadv4 demo with the new api changes (line 70 and 72), it worked fine. I tested it with an 8bitdo Zero 2 Controller and a PS2 Gamepad+USB adapter. Both were detected instantly and every button worked fine.
One thing I recognized was: on the 8Bitdo pad, the dpad was exclusivly detected as analog left or L3.

On the PS2 pad it was the same until I activated the analog sticks. After that the dpad was mapped to the dpad and the analog sticks were correctly recognized as L3 and R4.

So all in all for a first test I'd say, it works very well. Next I'll upgrade my agsjoy game to this new version and have a look at that.


Two observations so far:

GetAxis should return bool according to the first post, but returns a float.

GetAxis detects the Y-Axis of my gamepad's right analog stick two times. The testgame shows the y-values at a2 and a3, and the x-values in a4.

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